USA Pools

The USA Pools are a New York based supporters group for Hartlepool United F.C.  While physically based in New York, we welcome supporters from all across the world to “like” our Facebook Page (search ‘USA Pools’) and join in on our conversations.  Worldwide Poolies are also invited to follow us on twitter @USAPools as well as some of the individual members such as Pat Finley @theawesomedude, Steve Hamlin @stevehamlin19 and Zach Rossetto @ZER0724.

The USA Pools were formed in the Fall of 2014 by a group of football fans who would regularly meet at Prost Bar & Grill in Garden City, New York ( to watch EPL matches on Saturday and Sunday mornings and discuss global football.  It was during one of these sessions that founding member Patrick Finley added Hartlepool United to the general discussion. 

A lifelong football fan, Patrick Finley had grown tired of simply following the top tier of English Football and began to look at the overall pyramid which makes up this interconnected table.  Pat began by looking at the clubs which made up the Championship, League One and League Two.  It was during this time that Pat came across Hartlepool United’s crest.  The ship’s wheel with the words “the town’s club” underneath it immediately caught his eye and he started playing as Pools in FIFA.  Through FIFA Pat was able to get an idea of the virtual layout of Victoria Park as well as the players who comprised the club. Scotty Fenwick was an instant favorite and scored the majority of goals for Pools under Pat’s leadership. This lead Pat to do research into the team he now enjoyed playing as.  

Following learning about the history of the club, where it was located and a bit about Hartlepool itself, Pat introduced Hartlepool United F.C. to the group at Prost.  After a morning of impassioned selling Pools to the group, the USA Pools were born.  Steve Hamlin immediately created the twitter handle @USAPools as the first official act as a group and the rest is history.

Since 2014 the USA Pools have grown from about 4 or 5 to a healthy group of about 15 individuals who regularly meet at Prost to follow Pools and listen to Mark Simpson’s commentary. During televised FA Cup matches, the USA Pools are able to watch Pools live which is a rare treat. 

The USA Pools are proud of the connection that they have built with the Club as well as with Hartlepool community over the last few years.  Friendships have developed thanks social media and some of the USA Pools members have been fortunate enough to meet up with traveling Poolies on holiday in New York City. The USA Pools hope to build on these relationships and truly become virtual members of the larger Hartlepool community. To this end, the USA Pools have been involved in community events such as donating season tickets to groups in Hartlepool who work with young and at risk members of the community.  The USA Pools firmly believe that the supporters are the lifeblood of the Club. If they cannot be physically present making noise week in and week out, nothing makes them happier than having young people singing and supporting Pools in their stead.