Charity Donations

As part of the Club’s community work, we are happy to provide donations* (this will not include monetary contributions) to local charities/non-profit organisations/community organisations/youth groups on a case-by-case basis.

All successful requests must collect their donation from Victoria Park.

Donation Requests

Please note, we have a number of requirements for all donation requests:

1. Donation requests must be made in writing to the Club (telephone requests will not be accepted).
2. All donation requests must be received by the Club a minimum of four weeks ahead of required date.
3. Donation requests must be local to HUFC (within a 20-mile radius of Suit Direct Stadium).

All donation requests must include the following details:

1. The registered name and number of the charity you are applying on behalf of.
2. The date and location of your planned event.
3. The contact name of the person who will be collecting the donation from HUFC.
4. Contact email address / postal address of relevant person.

Although we receive such a high number of donation requests, we will endeavour to reply to the majority within a timely fashion.

Please send your donation requests to the following address:
HUFC Donations
Hartlepool United FC
Suit Direct Stadium
Clarence Road
TS24 8BZ

Or email with your request.

*Subject to availability.