Supporters’ Trust

HUST is the abbreviated name for the Hartlepool United Supporters’ Trust, which is the trading name of Hartlepool Supporters Society Limited (FCA’s register number 7159).  HUST is one of more than 200 Football Supporters’ Association (FSA) affiliated Supporters’ Trusts established throughout Premier League, Football League, and Non-league football clubs, and more recently Rugby League and Union clubs throughout the UK.  Established in 2015 and recognised by the FA and the Government, HUST, like other Supporters’ Trusts across the country is an independent, democratically run supporters’ organisation that seeks to represent the views of the fans to the Club and help promote communication from the club to the fans.  All Trusts are formally-constituted legal bodies, and HUST, like many others, is registered as a Community Benefit Society (CBS).