Customer Charter

Customer Service

The Club Customer Service contact is Sarah Rowntree, Retail & Ticket Office Manager, who is contactable Monday to Friday 9am until 5pm, and 9am to 5pm on Saturday home match days. Please email or call on 01429 272584 (Option 9).

The Club Supporter Liaison Officer is Sarah Rowntree who is contactable as above.

The Club actively welcomes feedback from our customers, both positive and negative. We believe that this helps us to deliver an improved and more effective service to you, the customer.

All queries must be submitted in writing – either by e-mail or letter – and will be acknowledged within 72 hours and, where possible, responded to within 10 working days. The acknowledgement and response will be sent in the same format in which the query was received.

Should you not be satisfied with the response you receive from the Club, you can contact the Independent Football Ombudsman by writing to:

Independent Football Ombudsman
Premier House
1-5 Argyle Way

emailing or telephone: 0800 588 4066. They will investigate the complaint thoroughly and report the finding back to all parties.

However you are respectfully asked to give the Club ample opportunity to resolve your comment/query before contacting any of the above outside bodies as it is important they are contacted only as a last resort and that their resources are used to the maximum efficiency once all responses from the Club have been received and the Club advises that the matter, in the Clubs opinion, has been answered or is closed.

Staff Conduct

All members of staff will always endeavour to maintain a positive profile whilst representing the Club. This will be achieved by dedication and commitment towards achieving success on and off the field of play and will include:

– The establishment and maintenance of a sound, ethical and effective administration system conducive to a successful professional Football Club.

– Continued improvements to the quality of services to the supporters of the Club.

As a football club we concur with the Football League’s Anti-Discrimination Policy. The Club is committed to developing and maintaining a lasting relationship with its customers and sponsors.

Equality and Diversity

Hartlepool United FC Vision Statement

Hartlepool United is committed to providing each employee, potential employee, customer and service-users equality of opportunity across all areas of the Club’s operation.

Hartlepool United will ensure that equality practises are integral to every process and create an inclusive and positive environment for all.

Hartlepool United Football Club is fully committed to ensuring The Suit Direct Stadium provides a safe and welcoming environment to all supporters, visiting players and staff regardless of the individual’s background, ethnicity or personal circumstances.

By embracing all areas of diversity, we aim to be fully accessible and inclusive. As a fully inclusive football club, we insist that our supporters embrace these principles.

As a Club, we are proud to actively support a number of respected national and local campaigns including Kick It Out, Show Racism the Red Card and Level Playing Field. We have been recognised for our commitment in this area of work.

Hartlepool United Football Club will not tolerate any form of discrimination either on or off the pitch. If you see, hear or experience any discriminatory abuse or behaviour at The Suit Direct Stadium. We encourage all fans to download the Kick it Out reporting App and to raise any concerns by this method in confidence or to a matchday steward whom we instruct to deal with such matters as a matter of priority.

Any incidents of discriminatory behaviour will be dealt with in accordance with Club policy and, where necessary, will be referred to our partner organisations.

The Club will seek to ban for life anybody proven guilty of any behaviour which contravenes these principles.

If you wish to find out more about the Club’s commitment to equality, diversity and inclusion, please contact us by emailing

Strategic Overview

Hartlepool United is a diverse organisation that values difference and recognises that people with different backgrounds, skills, attitudes and experiences bring fresh ideas and perceptions.

Hartlepool United is an equal opportunities employer and views all diversity as enriching the organisation and values the independent knowledge and experience that this delivers.

Hartlepool United undertakes to manage, celebrate and develop each and every individual through relevant training and developmental practises.

All members of staff at Hartlepool United are committed to implementing this policy and to promoting its aims within the wider communities in which we operate.

Hartlepool United is fully committed to a programme of action to make this policy fully effective.

Rose Stoker (Head of Commercial and Operations) will have overall responsibility for the co-ordination and implementation of equality policy development and for identifying new priorities through regular assessment reviews.

Hartlepool United will assess the impact of existing policies, practises and procedures at regular intervals, to evaluate the effectiveness and success of our activities.

Through regular consultation with all our partners, monitoring and review process, equality will be mainstreamed into our wider business strategy.

Stadium and Matchday

For full details regarding The Suit Direct Stadium Ground Regulations please click here.

Smoking and Anti-Social Behaviour

The Suit Direct Stadium is a no smoking ground except for in designated areas.

Hartlepool United discourages anti-social behaviour and has procedures in place to eradicate such incidents.

Should you experience any anti-social behaviour during a home game please alert stadium staff by contacting the offices on 01429 272584 (Option 9) or highlight the problem to your nearest steward.

Disabled Facilities

We have 21 seats in front of the Longbranch Homes Stand at the South side. This area will also facilitate 21 wheelchairs if the seats are not used.

There is also a bay for 10 wheelchairs in the Simpson Millar Stand for visiting supporters.

No seats are specifically designated for the disabled nor is there a particular allocation for the visually impaired.

Tickets are charged at normal rates, carers are admitted free of charge if the disabled fan is on high rate disability living allowance or enhanced PIP.

Ambulant disabled fans are permitted to go in any area of the ground.

There is one disabled toilet behind the Longbranch Homes Stand, one behind the Simpson Millar Solicitors Stand and one behind the Teesside International Airport Stand.

There are limited disabled car parking spaces available in our Official car park at a fee per game, or a seasonal pass is available for all 23 home League games only. There are also limited number of disabled spaces available on a first come first served basis on Clarence Road. Please contact us on 01429 272584 (Option 9) for availability and the latest prices.

For more information regarding our disabled facilities please contact our Disability Liaison Officer, Sarah Rowntree on 01429 272584 (Option 9) or email


Click here to visit the Ticketing section of the Official Website.

The Club gives the earliest possible notice of any changes to its ticketing policy together with reasons for the changes.

Usual opening hours are 10am-4:00pm, Monday-Friday and 10am to kick off on Matchdays (12:00pm-kick off for Tuesday night games).

During the closed season we may work with reduced hours and would suggest checking for latest opening hours.


The Club strives to offer supporters a reasonably priced ticket facility, within the constraints of League and Cup rules, with reductions as appropriate.

The Club has once again launched a season ticket campaign which aims to bring affordable football to the town and increase attendances at The Suit Direct Stadium – click here for details.


At least 5% of tickets are made available to non-Season Ticket holders for each home game.


Reduced price tickets are available to junior supporters (U14s, U18s), Young People (ages 18-21) students in full time education (on production of a valid Student ID card) and Senior Citizens and members of the Armed Forces.

Senior Citizens are deemed aged 65. Junior supporters are aged under 14, ie once their 14th birthday is reached an U18 price is applicable and once their 18th birthday is reached, a Young Person or Student (in full time education with valid identification) price is applicable. Once they reach the age of 22 they will become a full paying adult (unless they are a student in full time education with valid identification, in which case a student ticket may be purchased).

Free tickets are available for children under 5.

The Club provides the Family Enclosure, situated in the Longbranch Homes Stand for the exclusive use of family groups and junior supporters. 

All home fans purchasing a match ticket will be required to register with the Club’s ticketing database. 

No juniors under the age of 14 are allowed entry to The Suit Direct Stadium unaccompanied.

Accommodating Away Supporters

The Club abides by The Vanarama National League Regulations governing the allocation of tickets to visiting clubs.

The Club does not charge admission prices to supporters of a visiting club, which are higher than those charged to our own supporters for comparable accommodation. In particular our concessionary rates are also offered to senior citizens and junior supporters of a visiting club providing the required ID is provided.

Ticket Returns/Refunds

Once purchased in full, no refunds will be issued for season tickets unless in exceptional circumstances at the discretion of the Management.

The Club will not accept any responsibility whatsoever if the season ticket card is lost, stolen, damaged or destroyed and duplicate tickets will not be issued, unless in exceptional circumstances. If issued, a non-refundable admin charge of £5 will be payable.

If a match is postponed before kick-off, but the supporter has paid and entered the ground, ticket holders are entitled to free admission to the rearranged game. If a match is abandoned after kick-off, but before half-time, spectators are entitled to half price admission to the rearranged fixture. However if the match is abandoned after the commencement of the second half, no refund will be made. Proof of original ticket purchase must be retained and produced to the Club upon request for any of the above re-entry requirements.

If a match is rescheduled prior to being played, match tickets which have been purchased for this game will automatically be transferred to the rearranged fixture. If the ticket holder is unable to attend the rearranged match a full refund can be given as long as this is done prior to the rearranged fixture. No refunds will be given once the rescheduled game has taken place.

The Club will not accept any responsibility whatsoever if the match ticket is lost, stolen, damaged or destroyed and duplicate tickets will not be issued, unless in exception circumstances. If issued, a non-refundable admin charge will be payable

The Club does not normally offer refunds for any match tickets not used but would consider it under very exceptional circumstances at the discretion of the Management.

Away Matches

In the case of high demand games, priority may be given to Season Ticket Holders or other such groups as deemed fair by the Club.

The home club determines the cost and availability of these tickets.

Away transport is organised by the Club’s Supporters Association. This is not the responsibility of Hartlepool United FC and all enquiries should be directed to The Corner Flag on (01429) 261197.

Cup Competitions

Tickets for cup matches are priced after consultation between both clubs and any The Vanarama National League/Football Association rulings and priority may be given to Season Ticket holders or other such groups as deemed fair by the Club.

Club Shop

Usual opening hours are 10am-4:00pm, Monday-Friday and 11am to kick off on Matchdays (12:00pm-kick off for Tuesday night games).

During the closed season we may work with reduced hours and would suggest checking for latest opening hours.

Replica Kits

Home and Away kits will be changed every season. Details of the next intended strip change, when decided by the Club and/or main sponsor, will be advised to supporters on the Club Website. All store staff will be provided with information on the next intended kit change as soon as it is confirmed.

Supporter Consultation and Information

The Club publicises at its discretion, its position on major policy issues in the Club Match Programme, on the Official Club Website and social media and in the local press.

We will continue to endeavour to work with various supporters groups in a positive manner.

Data Protection

The Club recognises its responsibility to all customer information obtained through the purchasing of tickets and other products or services. All information is stored confidentially in accordance with the Data Protection Act (1998) and no other data is issued or sold without prior consent.


The Club Designated Safeguarding Officer is Helen Houghton and is contactable on 01429 862595 or email 

The person responsible for Safeguarding for our Community Sports Foundation is Keith Nobbs and he can be contacted on 01429 862595 or email

Community Activities

The Club is committed to encouraging children to play and watch football, through our Community Sports Foundation.

Contact the Hartlepool United Community Sports Foundation via email or on 01429 862595.

Community Activities

The Club is committed to encouraging children to play and watch football, through our Community Sports Foundation.

Contact the Hartlepool United Community Sports Foundation via email or on 01429 862595.

Community Involvement

The Club aims to increase attendances by issuing free tickets to local organisations and schools.

Any requests for player appearances should be made in writing to for the attention of Alex Chandy

Charity Donations

Any Charity Donation requests should be made to the Club in writing to Sarah Rowntree either by post or email

The Club receives a large number of requests and unfortunately cannot help on every occasion. No financial donations will be made. Assistance may be made in the way of tickets or signed merchandise for raffles or auctions.

Request for Player Trials

CVs should be sent to the Club in the first instance. Players under the age of 18 should send their details to Andy Lowe either via post or email to

Any players over the age of 18 should send their CV for the attention of the Chief Scout as above.

The Management will not speak to any player or agent who calls the Club prior to sending this information. Please provide your contact details with your CV and you will be contacted should the Club be interested in progressing further.

Updated May 2023