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National Citizen Service

NCS is an experience like no other. Designed for 16-17 year olds (and between 18 and 24 with SEND or a disability), NCS is a youth programme that has traditionally runs every summer and autumn during school holidays. Teens get the opportunity to mix with a new crowd, learn about independent living, take on new challenges and in the process build lifelong friendships.

The programme is all about empowering young people – by giving them a taste of independence and equipping them with essential skills for life. Participants then get a chance to take these new-found skills for a test-run in their local community.

This year we were finally able to take our young people on a weeklong residential to the Bunk House, Allendale. During this week the young people were able to push themselves out of their comfort zone as they got to experience water activities such as rafting and kayaking. They also took part in a Mining Challenge where they were able to explore Killhope mine and pan for crystals as well as taking part in fun workshops which allowed them to gain skills ready for their future.

Week two saw the young people working with local charities to raise both money and awareness for each cause. After a presentation from DS43 Community Defibrillators, Group 1 decided to set themselves a challenge of raising £750 for a new defibrillator for Hartlepool in just 4 days. Through the team’s commitment and teamwork, they achieved their goal as well as raising much needed awareness of the importance of a defibrillator in an emergency. Group 2 took up the challenge of raising both money and food donations for Hartlepool United Community Food Bank. They raised an outstanding amount of food and financial donations through a food drive at both Hartlepool Football ground and Middleton Grange Shopping Centres. They also used their skills that they learnt from week 1 to talk to local businesses about leaving a food drive box in their store so regularly donations could be made. The young people then offered their time after programme to come and help regularly within the foodbank to help local members of our community.

We are proud to say that summer 2021, HUCSF finished top of the entire country for NCS customer satisfaction, with 100% positive feedback. We now look forward to planning next summer’s programmes! If you are in Year 11 or Year 12 and would like to get involved next summer, check out or contact Tracy on 07497204960.



Contact: Vicki Burton 
Tel: 01429 862595
Mobile: 07497204960