Pools Goldline Results Week 22

Victoria Park, Hartlepool United

We’ve got the Week 22 Pools Goldine lottery results and we’re delighted to see some familiar faces amongst the winners.

With a slight change in format to the Goldline system, there are now 25 weekly prizes up for grabs – from £1000 down to £25.

And our winners this week each pick up £25 – congratulations go to M Bartholmew, D Maddison and R Murphy.

Entry into Pools Goldline is just £1 per week and from that £1, 70p is paid straight into the Club’s Youth Development, supporting our Youth Team this season.

If you would like to sign up and support our young players, while being in with a chance of winning up to £1000 every week, get in touch.

Contact Sarah Williamson on 01429 272584 (option 5) or email accounts@hartlepoolunited.co.uk.

Or pick up application form from Victoria Park.

Click here to see this week’s Pools Goldline results.