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The low-down on FGR

8 April 2022

Jacob Hackett delivers the lowdown on this weekend’s opposition with the help of Forest Green supporter Callum Woodroof.
The Forest Green players to keep an eye on…
Callum: “Kane Wilson and Ebou Adams.
“Kane Wilson is wicked and so fast. He is way to good for League Two, he could be a Championship player. The amount of possession he gets each game is unreal.
Ebou Adams recently went to AFCON with Gambia and that was massive for FGR and for himself. He deserves everything, the amount of effort he puts in for the club is unforgettable. He always jumps into tackles heads the ball, puts his body on the line and the amount of times he has saved us is world class.”
The ownership of the club…
Callum: “Dale Vince’s ownership of the club is world class. 
“What he has done for the club and the small village is great, I can’t wait for the future, he is very good. 
He is always at home and away games in the stands with the fans and always stops and talks to you, it is what football is about, it is a family club!”
The reverse fixture…
Callum: “It was a great performance from FGR.
“Jordan Moore-Taylor scored in the fourth minute and then Hartlepool fired some back at us but Luke McGee got some cracking saves for his [own personal] highlights.
“Jamille Matt scored in the 29th minute and then the FGR fans were very happy In the stands. 
“Matty Stevens scored in the 45th minute to seal the win but then Hartlepool scored in the 80th minute from a penalty and then it was game on. 
“Hartlepool had more of the ball but FGR took their chances when needed and got over the finish line.
“Hartlepool put so much pressure on trying to fight back but then made a rash tackle and got a man sent off, that is when our fans where very happy and knew that is was our game.”
Possible promotion…
Callum: “I am so happy with how much Rob Edwards has done for the club, he has made so many players play with confidence and he has worked the players so hard.
“We fell off quite recently but picked form back up and won back to back games and they were vital for our push to win the league!
“To be first from basically the second game of the season shows [just] how much effort the players have put in for this season.
Season prediction…
Callum: “If you asked me this a couple of weeks ago I would have said it is done and dusted, but after a drop in form and injuries to vital players my opinion has changed a lot.
“We need to keep winning games and it is a chance to show other fans that we are not a joke club and we are serious. I personally think that if we win on the weekend we have won the league!”

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