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Club News

Supporters group meeting: Minutes

13 May 2021

Club News

Supporters group meeting: Minutes

13 May 2021

Please find the noted minutes from our latest Hartlepool United Supporters groups meeting:


Neil Appleyard– HUDSA

Emily Easson –HUFC (minutes)

Phil King –HUFC

Nick McNaughton– HUST

Pauline McSweenie– HUFCSA

John Pearson –HOOC1908


  1. Introductionsand updates
  2. Meetingformat
  3. Seasontickets
  4. Nextseason's kit
  5. Volunteering
  6. AOB


  • PK

    discussed experience of how these meetings can work the benefit of all parties,

    and attendees gave a range of opinions on how they have worked previously, what

    has and hasn't worked and what they would like to see going forward.
  • Anyonein the meeting can request items in advance to go on the agenda going forward.
  • It

    was agreed the club would take minutes/notes, these would be distributed around

    those who attended to agree that it was a fair reflection of the meeting and

    then the club and supporter groups would post the minutes on their websites.
  • The

    group can be made wider and more inclusive going forward – does not necessarily

    have to include ‘formal/constituted' fan groups. To be invited in the future –

    South East Poolies & North West Corner representatives.
  • Meeting

    to take place every 6-8 weeks for meetings unless stated otherwise – 4:30pm

    onwards for convenience.


  • PK

    presented plans for 2021/22 season ticket prices, which included detail with

    regards to benefits and rewards for 2020/21 season ticket holders.
  • PK

    showed research which the club had done on prices of season tickets and match

    tickets across a range of categories for clubs in National League & League

    Two, HUFC falls around the middle in most comparisons.
  • PMc

    and NA felt the change at start of current season from over 60's concessions to

    over 65's was done with little warning, but appreciated that this

    categorisation was consistent with many other clubs at similar level.
  • Attendees

    discussed the ‘thankyou package' which HUFC gave to current season season

    ticket holders in January which reflected the 10 home games to that date. Some

    attendees felt that the free tickets did not hold much value to themselves,

    some attendees felt that they held value in that they could be gifted to family

    or friends.
  • HUST

    suggested that free tickets could be donated to community groups or key workers

    if ST holders did not want them and that HUST would be happy to assist the club

    in managing this – PK said that there had been previous discussion on this with

    other representatives of HUST and that the idea had merit and the club would

    work to help make it happen.
  • NMc

    asked if the free tickets which season ticket holders had could be used for

    pre-season friendlies (dependant on crowd capacities etc). PK said that there

    had been some discussion about this internally at HUFC and if attendees thought

    that this would be well received then it could be something that could be

    included – but would clearly be subject to the club organising a home friendly

    if dates allow.
  • PMc

    asked a question regarding whether money from 2021/22 season ticket sales would

    be used immediately (i.e. in 2020/21 season) given that they were going on sale

    soon. PK confirmed that all income from 2021/22 season ticket sales will be

    used in 2021/22 financial budget – not in the current season's.
  • HUFC

    will be selling tickets based on full capacity but could review if/when

    government guidelines are updated. In essence, it will be first come first

    served if restricted capacity at start 2021/22.
  • North

    West Corner – as it stands, this section is currently closed as per the stadium

    safety certificate due to the current barriers in place not being fit for

    purpose. Season Tickets will be sold in this area on the proviso that if the

    situation is not resolved then fans will be refunded or offered a different

    part of the ground. The club is working on solutions to solve this at present.
  • HUFC

    will ensure season ticket sales are promoted via direct mail, email &

    social media over the coming weeks and throughout the summer.

NextSeason's Kit:

  • O'Neill's

    sizing options are a looser (new option) or slimmer (current) fit – the

    question was asked which one we should go for next season. Fans are used to the

    sizing by now so we could keep with the slimmer fit or change to the looser one

    which may be more popular with fans. There was mixed opinion from attendees.
  • Remembrance

    Day shirts – these will be designed and on sale a lot earlier this year in

    order for people to get them by 11th November. An application

    process needs to be started earlier in order to have a poppy on the shirt if

    that is what the club decides to do. Again, this will be started in good time

    this year.
  • Away

    kit – club asked opinion of fans on social media a number of weeks back with

    the popular colours being dark (dark blue or black), red & black, yellow

    and fluro. Attendees agreed that these were popular choices.
  • Home

    kit – attendees felt that stripes were popular as well as all blue with white

    collar and cuffs.
  • Attendees

    also discussed the club crest – with some preferring the previous ‘ship's

    wheel' crest and some preferring the current crest.
  • HUFCare currently looking into potential sponsors for next season's kit.
  • Pools

    retail – PK discussed that the club believed there was more potential for

    growth with the retail operation and that the range of products and the

    marketing could be better. Work is being done on this currently and the club

    hoped to give an update soon. Attendees comments included:
    • Pinbadges are collected by home/away fans.
    • Retroshirts have been popular amongst fans.
    • Poloshirts in the same colour as the kit.
    • Moreadvertising for Christmas products.


  • Media volunteers have been introducedfor match days to help Alex with live streaming, graphics & social media.
  • HUFC asked the attendees if groups had

    people who would like to volunteer to support the club with regards to

    improvements/maintenance at the stadium. The club had a list of jobs they would

    like to do before fans return. Attendees agreed that volunteers would like to

    support and would collate names.
  • Match day experience – PK said that the

    club were keen to focus on this and improving all aspects. The club had already

    discussed internally but would also like wider input. PK will arrange a further

    meeting with attendees and other individuals to contribute towards this.


  • Youth development -   the club are working on plans to reinstate a

    youth set up at ages younger than 16. This would have to be done in a way that

    was financially sustainable and operationally manageable by the club – but it

    was an area that the club are looking to progress and hoped to have something

    additional in place ahead of 2021/22 season.
  • HUFC are looking at options regarding a‘beamback' livestream for the away game at Sutton on May 22nd. This

    would be subject to getting the necessary approvals, costs, scale of it (i.e.

    whether this would just be in existing bars / lounges or on a wider basis) and

    also the viability of it with regards to Covid restrictions.
  • Attendees discussed whether the club

    would make the organisational structure of the club more apparent to fans so they

    know who is who in and around the club, given there has been a large amount of

    change in the last 12-18 months. PK agreed that this is something that would be

    beneficial and something that had already been discussed internally.

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