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Managers Blog Part 2

31 March 2020

Lockdown Day.....?

Morning all. Firstly I hope everyone is safe and well, looking after themselves, their loved ones and generally anyone they can help be that physically, mentally or logistically during these unprecedented times in our lifetimes.

Since last speaking, the government, as we'd anticipated has introduced further measures upon us to control the spread of this pandemic and I think people are now treating this situation as very serious and giving it the attention it requires. It's affecting everyone and everyone's ‘normal' life but what it will do I think is allow us to appreciate the lives we normally lead, our independence, our freedom and for everyone in my household, the impact that sport and particularly football play in our existence.

From a management perspective, it's impossible to plan as no one has any real idea what is going on and I don't see that changing anytime soon. Even if a decision is reached regarding this season, the uncertainty and unpredictability would make it impossible to say when next season may start and as a consequence there will likely to be further fall out in the future. We've been unable to have physical contact with the players but as things have developed we've adapted our plan and schedule for them. We sent them a programme where we offloaded them a little bit last week and gave them 3 aerobic cv sessions to do over the week and they posted these on the what's app group. They also had a lower limb strength session and a core session to complete to keep them ticking over. This week, we've not set them anything to do formally but I'm sure all of them will do something everyday, most as it's habit and they like to keep their levels right and I imagine most as they want to get out the house for some fresh air and some peace and quiet!

These unprecedented times have brought real uncertainty around the football club and some decisive decisions have had to be made. These decisions have been made public regarding the furlough of staff, threat of redundancy and in some instances people losing their jobs. There are great people working so hard throughout this club but It's a really concerning time for everyone but at the end of this all the football club is the most important factor and we have to come out the other side. The positive for me as a newcomer to the club is that in the short time I've been here, I've seen what it means to people, I've seen the power of our fans and what it means to the community and the people of the town. The club has been in worse situations than this and has come through with that ‘never say die' spirit and mentality and that's what will happen again.

Stay safe, take care and hopefully everyone can be reunited very soon.


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