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Captains Blog Thursday 2nd April

2 April 2020

Good afternoon. I hope everyone is doing as well as possible in the current climate, trying to stay positive and doing everything they can to stay safe and keep their families safe. That's the most important thing at the minute. I'm sure we've all been tuned into the daily press conferences at 5pm hoping for some good news. I heard the phrase ‘a few green shoots' yesterday, I've no idea if that is true or not but it sounded better to me.

Since the last time I spoke obviously things have become more difficult, lockdown has been in effect for 10 days now and that has been a challenge for everyone I'm sure. From a players perspective things haven't changed too much, we were sent a plan to follow when we left the ground two weeks ago and we've still been able to maintain that. Runs over a set distance, be it road running or a pitch, circuits we can do in the garden, basic maintenance work really. Little things that will keep us in decent shape when we get the call to come back in. We have still been in contact through our WhatsApp group. Trying to second guess what will happen, trying to predict when or if the league will be finished. We've got as much idea as you have! Ha

Throughout this period it's important to thank the chairman for his continued support. All staff have been placed on furlough, which will hopefully ease some pressure on him. Mark has been great and kept us informed during the process. This has unfortunately led to some staff losing jobs and others at risk. I've been in contact with a few to see how they are and just say thank you on behalf of the squad. As players our job is quite simple, be ready on a Saturday to perform. The work that goes on around that is what makes a football club special, and that's certainly the case for ours. We've been through some dark days in the not too distant past and came out the other side, this is another chance to show the strength of our club from top to bottom.

If we follow the advice given, support each other as best as we can, we will get through this. Football seems a long way away at this moment. But we can hope, can't we?

Stay safe


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