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School Visit For Pools Pair

24 October 2019


School Visit For Pools Pair

24 October 2019

On Tuesday 22nd

October Luke Williams and Mark Kitching called into our Premier League Primary

Stars session at Rift House Primary School to visit the Change for Life pupils

at their final after school session.

Over the past six weeks our coach has been working with the

group of 12 boys and girls to improve their engagement and enjoyment of sport

and physical activity.

In this particular session, the children were given the

opportunity to choose what activity they wanted to do and they picked


They explained the rules to Luke and Mark and encouragedthem to join in on the games.

At the beginning and end of the six weeks we surveyed the

children to find out more about them and how they feel about PE. They were

asked about the following statements:

I like PE
I like running around and playing games
I take part in sport outside school
I run around and play games outside school
I am a member of a school sport team
I am a member of a sport team outside school

These were rated on a scale of “Like me a lot” to “Not at

all like me”. At the end of the six weeks the children's answers appear to show

an increased level of enjoyment and engagement in activities both in and

outside of school.

We also asked the participants for feedback on our

sessions over the past 6 weeks, one child said; “They were fun and everyone was

involved”. In fact, “fun” was a word which appeared quite a lot, which was what

we set out to achieve.

As always, thank you to Luke and Mark for giving up their

time to participate in our community work. It makes a huge difference to the


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