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Club News

Poolie Index: Nicke Kabamba

20 May 2019

Club News

Poolie Index: Nicke Kabamba

20 May 2019

The next instalment of our Poolie Index is here as we put the pressure on new signing Nicke Kabamba to find out what we can about the front man.

It's all well and good scoring a Club record amount of goals in your first four games - but let's take a look at how he handled some real pressure when we cornered him for this feature which was first published in The Blue Print.

1 What’s your biggest fear?
I used to be really scared of heights but I have got better more recently. I think it’s if I can see too far down that I just lose my head. I am alright flying in an aeroplane but that’s probably because you don’t have to look down!

100 If you could be an animal for the day which one would you be?
A cheetah. That’s my favourite animal. They’re just so fast aren’t they? I’m not really a fan of animals but it’s amazing how fast a cheetah can move.

40 What would be your specialist subject on Mastermind?
I don’t know, sport maybe? I am pretty good on football and I am knowledgeable about basketball too. To be fair, you’re not likely to see me on Mastermind! Haha!

29 If you won the lottery what would be the first thing you’d buy?
I would buy my mum a house. My parents have really helped me out in my career, and my brother as well. He wasn’t a big football fan but he always pushed me to continue doing what I love and he’s been a massive influence for me. I would have so much to give back to people who have helped me. And then I’d go crazy and buy a yacht or something!

15 What was the last book you read?
I don’t read a lot but the last book was probably The 10 X Rule. It’s a book to help you understand how to better yourself. So basically it’s saying if you want to be better you have to put in ten times more work. It’s all about the mindset and I like reading stuff like that, particularly being in the football world.

12 What was the last film you went to see?
Aquaman. It was alright, to be fair. I am quite a big Marvel fan and he’s not a Marvel character so I wasn’t expecting much but it was quite good.

50 What three things would you take to a desert island?
My phone – I bet everyone says that, don’t they? A ball – any ball will do, a tennis ball, football or basketball. And some Haribos! The Star Mix ones.

17 Did you pass your driving test first time?
No, but I am a really good driver and it wasn’t my fault that I failed! I got one major fault and two minors so basically I was really close to passing. The major was because I was coming out of a road and this car was coming off the roundabout but indicating to turn in so I was slowly moving out and then the car sped up and beeped its horn! The driver had her windows down and music on, and as she passed I saw her and I think it was someone from school’s sister. So I now hate him, her and all Corsas!

9 If you hadn’t been a footballer what would you have been?
A basketball player. I love basketball. I played it a lot at University and I am a big fan. I know it’s mainly an American sport and the standard over there is a joke but I played with and against some British Basketball League players who are the best in our country when I was at Uni.

93 If you had to listen to one song on repeat for a full day which one would it be?
It would probably have to be the Bob Marley song, ‘Don’t Worry’. You can listen to that over and over.

42 What are your favourite sweets?
Haribo Star Mix. I do mix it up and get different ones if there are loads of Haribos available! I don’t mind the sour ones but I would usually for the normal Star Mix ones, they’re the best aren’t they?

2 When did you last get angry?
I try not be an angry person really. When I do get angry I am one of those who will suddenly snap without warning – there’s no gradual build-up to it! Haha!

23 Do you think you would like to be a Manager one day?
Maybe, I don’t know. It must be really stressful being a Manager, mustn’t it? I would definitely like to go in to coaching because that’s what I did at University but I’m not so sure about being a Manager.

51 Would you rather be too hot or too cold?
Too hot. I hate being cold and now I am up here in the North East I am freezing all the time anyway!

99 What would you give yourself as a rating out of 10?
9.5, I think I would have to take the 0.5 off just to be modest! Haha!

95 What was the naughtiest thing you did as a child?
I threw a rock at my brother and broke his arm! The reason was that he was on my bike! It was my older brother and he kept riding past, teasing me and I was trying to catch him. Then I just snapped and threw the rock. I remember running upstairs out of the way of my mum – she was really angry with me obviously.

30 When were you last nervous?
That was probably when I made my home debut for Portsmouth. I had played my first game at Stevenage the week before but then coming on for the first time at Fratton Park was nerve-wracking but I was buzzing at the same time. It took me a little while to focus and just remind myself I was doing exactly the same thing as I always do and it didn’t matter about the huge crowd. It was a great experience.

25 What would you sing on a karaoke?
It depends on the crowd! Haha! To be honest, I wouldn’t usually sing on a karaoke but I know that when you're a footballer you have to have an initiation song up your sleeve! I have two choices I rely on – it will be either ‘The Man Who Can’t Be Moved’ by The Script or ‘Just A Friend’ by Mario. It will just depend on my mood at the time, I guess.

14 When was the last time someone borrowed something from you but didn’t return it?
That was one of my favourite hats. I know that someone in my group of friends has it but I am not sure which one of them! It went about three years ago and I loved it that much that I eventually went and bought a new one. But now every time I wear it they all laugh at me! Haha!

52 Who was your first football hero?
I would say that it was Ronaldo, the original Brazilian Ronaldo. He was obviously the main man when I was growing up but as I got older the big hero in my eyes was always Thierry Henry.

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