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HUCSF Join Throston Pupils For Beach Clean

7 March 2019

HUCSF staff joined pupils from Throston Primary School on a beach clean-up as part of their #PassOnPlastic campaign.

Sky and the Premier League are working together to use their global reach and appeal to raise awareness of the environmental issues caused by plastic.

The partnership will aim to inspire football clubs and fans across the world to take positive action and reduce their single-use plastic intake, making small changes that will have a big impact.

Through the Premier League Primary Stars programme, which reaches 15,000 primary schools in England and Wales, children will be able to learn about what it means to be single-use plastic free.

Using fun games and challenges, they will learn how they can make a difference and educate their parents in the process.

As a coastal town, the #passonplastic pledge is something that means a lot to us and we decided to get involved with the help of our Premier League Primary Stars partner school – Throston Primary School.

On Thursday, 7th March staff from Hartlepool United Community Sports Foundation and children from years 1 and 2 at Throston joined forces to take part in a beach clean at Seaton Carew, and of course H’Angus couldn’t miss out on the fun!

Having been watching the weather forecast and crossing our fingers for the past few days we were luckily met with grey skies but no rain. The kids were full of enthusiasm and having been briefed on the usual health and safety and donned their hi-vis vests (kindly donated by Dan and Chris at Port Homes – thanks guys!) we took to the sand.

The children’s behaviour was impeccable and they were really involved in the importance of the clean-up and the risks to animals, planet and ocean.

They were devastated at the amount of the rubbish we found and commented on what threats the various items posed such as plastic bags, baby wipes and bottles and cans.

Lillie said, “I have learnt that if bottle caps have been left on the beach and the dolphins and whales are having fun they can get in their holes where the water comes out and they can’t breath anymore and they will die.”

Ben said, “Don’t litter because you’re hurting animals and they could die.”

Alex said, “Tiny fish can get stuck in bottles and die because they can’t breathe in the bottles.”

The children were treated with ice cream at Gelato JoJo for all their hard work and will now be reporting back to their classmates to spread the importance of Sky Ocean Rescue.


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