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Club News

Poolie Index: Myles Anderson

18 June 2019

Club News

Poolie Index: Myles Anderson

18 June 2019

Myles Anderson is next in the Poolie Index hotseat as we find out a little bit more about our big defender.

The centre-back opens up on alternative careers, sad films, the funniest member of the squad and why he once jumped off a cliff...

1 What’s your biggest fear?
I think it’s drowning. You know sometimes you’ll have those dreams where you think you’re drowning and then you wake up and catch your breath and wipe the sweat from your head? Actually, I could say women here too – I seem to attract some mad ones! Haha!

4 If you wrote an autobiography what would you call it?
I would have to say I have some ideas but would rather keep them to myself for now! I think it would probably have a Latin twist in the title though.

7 Have you got any pets?
Yeah, back at my family home we have a dog and a cat, even though the cat thinks it’s a dog. The dog is Benji the beagle and the cat is called Bertie Bumble! Don’t ask, I have nothing to do with the name-choosing process, that’s something you need to ask the women in the house!

9 If you hadn’t been a footballer what would you have been?
It’s difficult to say having now been a footballer and that creates different opportunities. Had I gone straight from school I would have probably gone on to Uni and done something to do with languages I think. Maybe I would have been a languages teacher or looked to go abroad as a personal trainer or something.

12 What was the last film you went to see?
Haha, it was called Alita. Nicke Kabamba dragged me there because I had no real interest in seeing the film – it was half animated and half human! I only went for the popcorn and because I couldn’t let him go to the cinema on his own but it turned out that it wasn’t a bad film in the end.

14 What was the last time someone borrowed something from you but didn’t return it?
I don’t know, but it will probably have been Niko Muir. I am always looking after him in the house by giving him something that he needs. Sometimes it will be Vicks or some painkillers – I am sure he will have kept something that I’ve lent him!

17 Did you pass your driving test first time?
No, even though I tried flirting with the examiner!! Haha! I actually passed the second time – and it was the same examiner I had for the first test too!

24 Do you ever just wake up in a bad mood for no reason?
No, I actually don’t! Peter Kioso and Niko hate me and Nicke Kabamba because we have good energy so we will be bouncing around the place while those two tell us to shut up! We’re always signing and making jokes, I think it gets on their nerves!

27 Are you good at any other sports?
Yeah, well I used to be good at golf. I used to take it quite seriously but I haven’t played for ages. When I was 14 or so my handicap was 6 but then I haven’t played for a while. I like to think I am good at table tennis – Nicke and I are both pretty good. We’ve created a table tennis arena in the kitchen at home so it’s fun and games with the boys – Niko and PK are annoying to play against though because they’re so defensive. And Niko screams in your face if he wins! Haha!

32 Has a film ever made you cry?
I would say yeah. Not many but I have on a couple of occasions. I think probably the one I remember was when I watched Marley & Me. That’s sad, isn’t it?

41 What’s your favourite meal?
You’re going to laugh but I would go for this – and it’s a three-course meal… For starter I would have Burrata with prosciutto crudo and then follow that with Vitello Milanese which is basically veal in breadcrumbs with Spaghetti Napoli on the side. Then for dessert it would be Tiramisu.

47 What’s the most daring thing you’ve ever done?
I ran off like a cliff in Brazil and landed on Ipanema Beach doing hand-gliding! It was quite exhilarating and liberating, and thankfully I had an instructor with me or it might have been more than that! It was a great experience while I ws in Rio de Janeiro. You glide all the way down and then run on the sand as you touch down!

57 When was the last time you got a text message that wasn’t meant for you?
I don’t know! But a couple of years back I went through a period where I was getting loads of anonymous messages! They were quite provocative as well, it was mad! I couldn’t reply because there was no number attached!

64 Who is the funniest member of the squad?
I would probably say Mark Kitching. I just find him so funny and I don’t even think he’s means to be. Whenever I speak to Kitch I always seem to be laughing and smiling – and I don’t even know why, he’s just hilarious.

77 What’s your drink of choice on a night out?
I would go for a glass of Rioja. I like red wine.

84 What is your hometown?
Barnet, London – even though I like to think it’s Rome, Italy! Barnet was a great place to grow up, with good schools, restaurants and shops as well as a train station close to me so I could get in to central London too.

87 Who is the most famous person you’ve ever met?
I am going to say Thierry Henry. I met him when I was a kid after an Arsenal game.

94 Do you sing in the shower?
For my sins, yes, I won’t lie! The song depends on what kind of mood I am in so it can be anything from Usher to Drake to Romeo Santos!

99 What would you give yourself as a rating out of 10?
Oh my God, wow! I don’t like this question! With no teeth, I have probably gone up in the scale! Haha!

38 If we made a film about your life who would you choose to play the lead role?
I would choose the guy who starred in a film called The Intouchables – his name is Omar Sy. I would go for him because all my friends who have seen the film say he’s exactly like me and even though it was me in the film! Haha!

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