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Club News

Poolie Index: Mark Kitching

3 June 2019

Club News

Poolie Index: Mark Kitching

3 June 2019

It's Mark Kitching's turn in the Poolie Index hotseat as we ask him to field twenty questions from our random index of 100.

In a feature first published in The Blue Print, we find out loads more about Kitching - including what his worst habit is, what other sport he's good at and how he feels about pineapple on pizza...

6 Which emoji do you use the most?
Probably the crying laughing faces! Me and my mates have always got some banter going in the group chat so that’s the one that’s needed all the time. That or when Liam Noble is sending me daft pictures of stuff!

91 If you could have one special power what would it be?
I would say I would like to fly. I could then go all over the world without needing an aeroplane or anything. And getting to away games would be loads easier – I would let the lads get on the bus for nine hours and I would just fly down and meet them there!

92 Do you believe in aliens?
Haha, that’s actually a good one for me because I do like watching programmes about aliens on the documentary channels. I have seen loads of stuff about alien sightings and things like that. Do I believe in them though? I will say I do – because if I don’t they might come and find me!

100 If you could be an animal for the day which one would it be?
I reckon I would go for a tiger. They’re the boss aren’t they? So I can just go about my business, eating people and that! Haha!

1 What’s your biggest fear?
I would say it’s heights. I don’t like heights at all, especially that first bit when you take in an aeroplane and it’s all bumpy and turbulence is happening. I hate that. My girlfriends is always wanting me to walk up Roseberry Topping with her and even getting to the top of that my feet start shaking – I hate that too!

14 When was the last time someone borrowed something from you but didn’t return it?
It will have been my brother. In fact, I know it was – I lent him some trainers a while ago and he wore them on a night out but I’ve not had them back since. I think he probably ruined them so I am not happy with that!

27 Are you good at any other sports?
I am actually quite good at table tennis. I played quite a bit last season when I was at Rochdale and got quite good at it. I was also pretty good at cricket when I was at school, I was a bit of a batsmen who used to slog it about!

31 Would you ever go on a reality television show?
No, I wouldn’t ever go on one – it would just be too intense for me. I do like watching them with my mates or my girlfriend and I’ve been quite in to Geordie Shore and Love Island but there’s no way I’d ever apply. It’s just not me at all.

36 If you were a car which one would you be?
Well, what’s a really long car? Haha! I would just be one of those really big, long dog cars like a limo or something. Dead long and skinny!

42 What are your favourite sweets?
I do quite like just standard wine gums, to be honest. But I also quite like the Strawbs that have started appearing in the dressing room before games. I’ll have a few of those and some cola bottles as well. I prefer sweets to chocolate or anything like that.

44 Have you got any bad habits?
I like biting my nails. My girlfriend will agree with me there because she’s always on my case about it – it does her head in!

49 If you owned a restaurant what type of food would it serve?
It would probably be pizza-orientated. Probably along the lines of Pizza Hut or something like that. I like the American-style food so it would have the pizzas with extra cheese and extra bacon – but also milkshakes would be served too!

8 What’s the coldest you’ve ever been?
Truthfully, it would have been when I played against Spurs for Rochdale at Wembley last season. They checked the readings and I think it was minus 8 but it was snowing like mad as well. That’s the coldest I have ever been in my life.

90 How do you feel about pineapple on pizza?
I actually quite like a ham and pineapple pizza. In fact, I would add pepperoni on there as well even though my mates give me stick if I order it any time. Haha!

17 Did you pass your driving test first time?
Haha, this is a funny one to answer. It took me six times just to pass my theory test – the first one I missed it because I didn’t turn up in time! I eventually passed but then I did my driving test four or five times as well! I was struggling.

2 When did you last get angry?
I am not really an angry person to be honest. The last time was probably the last time we conceded a goal. I don’t really have that anger other than when it’s connected to football.

45 If you weren’t a footballer what would you be?
When I was growing up it was all about the football – sometimes my teachers would tell me I needed to concentrate more on my work but it was always my dream to play football. I suppose if I didn’t play I would have liked to be a PE teacher or something, I would still like to do some coaching in the future.

46 What film can you just watch over and over again?
I love The Wolf Of Wall Street – I’ve watched that a lot. And what’s the Batman film with Christian Bale in it? The Dark Knight. That’s a brilliant film as well.

48 What’s the most addicted to a game you’ve ever been?
I am not really in to games that much but in the past year when I’ve been living away from home I have got back in to my Xbox. I do enjoy a bit of Fortnite and I will probably play FIFA 19 a lot now that’s come out. I tell people I’m good at FIFA but secretly I’m rubbish!

52 Who was your first football hero?
I would have to say Steven Gerrard. I grew up watching a lot of Liverpool’s games in the Champions League because my dad was a big Gerrard fan as well. He just dictated games and when he was playing you knew Liverpool would play well. His big diags, his tackling, his goals and his passion for the club – he had everything.

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