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Pools In Africa Blog: Day Four

15 April 2019

It's Day 4 in South Africa and NCS Manager, Vicki Burton, returns with another update from an amazing trip.

Hello and welcome to Day 4 of our Pools in Africa blog!

Today (Saturday) was our second day of volunteering at Greensleeves and a rotation of activities for the groups.

Group 1 were on donations and found some interesting items! As well as finishing off sorting almost every bag, the group picked an item out for each individual child and labelled it ready to give out on Sunday. We got some funny photographs of Ethan and Eleanor wearing a selection of the donations, but they’ve forbidden me from sharing them with you on the blog!

Meanwhile, Group 2 were in charge of landscaping and continued to clear the sports field and, although Adam was cutting the same patch for twenty minutes and Millie couldn’t stop hitting herself with the rake, the field was almost ready for the grass-cutters to come in!

Group 3 took over the painting task and were responsible for finishing off the climbing frames and then painting the new classroom. I’m not sure how much paint they actually got on the walls but if it’s half as much as what was on their bodies then I’m sure the classroom will be glorious!

Spaghetti Bolognese went down a treat for lunch and we headed back for a break before the afternoon’s activities. Again, most of us soaked our feet in the pool until meeting time.

During the afternoon, Group 1 were in charge of a sports lesson while Group 2 led an arts lesson inside. Group 3 were surfing at Gonubie Beach.

For the sports lesson, Group 1 began with a game of stuck in the mud before a game of rounders. The children were fantastic at rounders and our young people led the lesson really well. After a break, Group 1 set up a football match which ended up South Africa vs England. As usual with a football match on the school field, it ended in arguments and fighting!

Group 2’s lesson was suggested by Hannah who had brought some Easter arts and crafts for the children. Joining her were Luke, Ethan, Ryan, Millie and Adam who paired up with a child and made Easter cards. The children gave them out to their favourite volunteers... mine must have got lost in the post.

Meanwhile at the beach, Group 3 began their surfing lesson. The Greensleeves children often surf with Dan and so were really good at helping us as we tried to stand up on the boards. Craig managed to stand up, but nobody else did! After the group dried off, they all went for an ice-cream courtesy of Adam and spent some time chatting as they walked, getting to know more about the children and their lives.

After supper, which was a sort-of beef stew with rice (lovely!), we headed back to Induli, had a quick shop run before the House vs House quiz night! Houses 1, 3 and 4 finished joint first on 25 points (House 4 was the staff team and so we weren’t included in the tie-breaker) and eventually House 1 of Eleanor, Hannah, Sorrel, Beth and loanee Adam were crowned winners and went away with a huge cake!

Another day over and our last day at Greensleeves tomorrow is sure to be an emotional one.



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