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Pools In Africa Blog: Day Two

12 April 2019

Pools In Africa
The Graduates meet the children at Greensleeves

It's Day Two in South Africa and NCS Manager, Vicki Burton, is back with another update for us.

Hi everyone and welcome to Day 2 of our Pools in Africa blog.

Thursday was another day of travelling, but thankfully not as much as previous days! We had breakfast at Valley Heights and checked out. We had to shuffle a few things into other people’s cases to make the weight, but thanks to Terri’s luggage scales, we made it!

We set off to the airport and thankfully the ‘demonstration’ on the motorway was after the airport and so didn’t affect us. By the sounds of it, that’s a good thing because the ‘demonstrations’ here are a bit more than signs on cardboard on the end of a wooden stick!

Check-in at the airport was really smooth (thankfully!) and we boarded the plane pretty quickly after we got into the departure lounge. A 1-hour flight to East London and off we went. We went to the cafe at the airport and had drinks while Adam, Terri, Dan, Sarah and Chris collected the vans.

We set off to Induli Guest House, our location for the next 3 days, and we were beginning to see how different the area is compared to Cape Town. We saw a lot of townships, which are basically the slums, yet on the opposite side of the road are huge houses with balconies and swimming pools. This shows the sharp contrast of wealth in South Africa.

Upon arrival at Induli, we settled into our houses. One lucky person in each house got an en-suite and a double bed! Some of the group had some time in the pool but the sun had gone down so it was a little bit cold!

Once everyone dried off (and warmed up) we got ready and headed to Greensleeves to meet the children; everyone was excited and nervous. Greensleeves is just a two-minute drive from where we are staying so we got there really quickly.

The children ran to meet us, shake our hands and introduce themselves. We had a tour around where they live; there’s a boys’ house, a girls’ house, some classrooms and the main building with the dining hall and music room. Our students were absolutely fantastic and mixed with the children so well. The children and our group were equally fascinated with each other and spent so much time together.

Some highlights included one of the children wearing Sam’s sunglasses and introducing himself to everyone as Sam, another child falling asleep on Beth after he wouldn’t let her put him down for an hour, and lots more laughs, singing and piggy backs from the big giant (aka Ethan!).

The older boys from Greensleeves helped Adam and Dan with the braai (South African BBQ) and eventually there was enough food to feed our group, the staff and the children. It was a really great experience for all of us.

After the BBQ, the children headed off to bed and we went back to Induli. I have lots of sympathy for the House Auntie’s who have to calm the children down and get them to bed tonight!

Back at Induli for a chilled Thursday night, some of the group have gone in the ice bath (aka the swimming pool) in the dark while the rest are chilling in the accommodation. Trying to set the alarm in House 1 proved difficult for Eleanor, Hannah, Sorrell and Beth who kept setting it off every 5 minutes, but even Adam was struggling with it!

So off to bed, ready for a full day of activities at the orphanage tomorrow. I’m sure tomorrow’s blog will be really exciting!



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