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What's In A Name: Jake Cassidy

18 June 2018

Jake Cassidy Mark Fletcher (Shutter Press)
Pools striker Jake Cassidy

J is for Journey
The journey to work is an interesting one in our car school with Scott Loach and Nicky Featherstone. It’s good to be fair, with quite a bit of banter going on. I think Loachy is probably the loudest, he’s always trying to fight people when he’s driving which probably isn’t the best idea. He’s also the worst driver of the three of us – I reckon we could drive in reverse and get home faster than when he’s behind the wheel. He’ll even admit he’s the worst driver, I think. I am usually just in the back, chilling out with a coffee and listening to Loachy talk about all sorts of nonsense.

A is for Airbus UK Broughton
I was playing for Llandudno Junction and the Welsh schools at the time and then I think the Welsh Premier League introduced a rule where you had to have a certain percentage of Under-21 players in your squad. Stu Roberts, who the gaffer knows, rang me and mentioned going on trial to Airbus where Craig Harrison was in charge at the time so I went and met him at Wrexham and signed for them there. I was only there for about six or seven pre-season games before I got a move to Wolves.

K is for Keeping It In The Family
Both me and the missus play football, she’s currently playing for Doncaster Belles as a midfielder. Hopefully our little boy can pick up something from us and follow in our football footsteps! He’s well in to it at the minute and if a ball is at his feet he’s naturally kicking it rather than picking it up. I think he might be left-footed from what we can see but I don’t know where that’s come because neither me nor the missus are left-footed. I’ll have to check what foot the postman kicks with!

E is for English Move
It was a bit mad really. I signed for Airbus and was expecting to start the season there because I was only a young kid and they had some really good players. Craig Harrison introduced me slowly but there were soon quite a few clubs interested and I went down and spent some time with Wolves. We played Telford in a friendly and I remember getting the ball on the halfway line and just running to score a goal. Their gaffer was there watching and he wanted to sign me straight away. One week I was in school in Wales and the next I was signing for Wolves so I think it took a couple of months to really sink in.

C is for Craig Harrison
He’s had a massive impact on my career. When I signed for Airbus he didn’t really know who I was because other people were involved but from Day One he was an intense character and he brought a lot out of me at a young age and gave me the platform to play against good teams.

A is for Ambitions
I think the ambition for everyone is to get promoted, first and foremost. On an individual basis, I just want to get better and keep on helping the team. I think we have the talent, we have good players and now we just need to push on.

S is for School Days
I was okay at school, to be fair. I guess I was a bit mischievous at times, but we all were weren’t we? I liked school though because I had a big group of friends and it was fun seeing them every day, and I was quite bright at school which helped. I would say my favourite subject was Design & Technology, I did like PE too but everyone says that, don’t they?

S is for School Team
Our team was a really good one to be honest, and we used to do quite well in the national competitions in Wales. That was despite the fact that the school I went to was more a rugby school – my group of friends were all good players so that helped us. I was always a striker really, although I did play in centre-midfield a few times too.

I is for Injury
It was an absolute nightmare to get my foot injury last season, to be honest. I felt like I got off to a half decent start but then got the niggle and it kept on getting worse so it was a kick in the teeth.

D is for Daddy
It’s the best feeling in the world being a dad. Everyone says it but he lights up your day, really. You can have had an awful day and come home in a bad mood but when you see his little face it’s brilliant. We called our little boy Alfie-J – we just wanted something a bit different without a middle name so my missus came up with quite a few random suggestions and in the end that’s what we settled on and I think he suits it now. I am a hands-on dad and spend a lot of time with him – he’s a bit of a daddy’s boy at the minute which suits me, until he starts whinging about something!

Y is for You’re Fired
I’m really in to The Apprentice. It’s something I kind of get sucked in to watching every year when it’s on. A few of us in the squad watch it and there were a couple of candidates in the most recent series who were right space cadets! I don’t think I would do very well on it – I wouldn’t have a chance!

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