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What's In A Name: Nicky Featherstone

4 June 2018

Nicky Featherstone Simon Moore (Shutter Press)
Nicky Featherstone in action for Pools

He might have one of the longest surnames in the squad but that hasn't put us off when it comes to putting the Pools midfielder in the hotseat for this feature.

N is for Nicknames
Haha, well a new one is Blockhead which is something Loachy calls me. I have never had that before in my life but he reckons I have a square head! Other than that, it’s usually just Feath.

I is for Instagram
I like sharing photos on Instagram and since my little boy has come along they’re mostly of him. There are some of the football and my wife Lucy sometimes makes an appearance!

C is for Car School
There’s me, Loachy and Jake Cassidy in a car to training. Loachy is the one who gets the most stick I would say. We stop off for a coffee most mornings just because it gives us more time to bully him! Ha! I think we all have our moments in terms of moods, depending on how our little ones have slept – Cass can be really quiet if he’s had to get up early!

K is for Keeper
I didn’t know Scott before he signed her but we just get on really well. I think we’re quite similar in lots of aspects and share the same interests. The banter is pretty good and nothing is taken too seriously.

Y is for You’re Fired
I am a big fan of The Apprentice. I watched every episode of the past series. I am not sure I could go on the show because I would make a fool of myself – having said that, there were some bad contestants on the last series weren’t there?

F is for Facial Hair
It’s not something I think about too much really – sometimes I have a beard and then I think I’ll get rid of it. I don’t concentrate too much on it. Lucy isn’t too keen – which is probably why I keep it most of the time! Haha!

E is for Eating Out
If I am going out with the lads for food it would probably be to Nando’s on the Friday night before a game if we stay in the town. If I went out with Lucy we don’t mind an Italian and we both love a steak too.

A is for Away Travel
I bring my laptop now and again to watch films on the bus but most of the time I just get on to Scott Loach and wind him up for a couple of hours. There’s a lot of wrestling that goes on with Loachy about too!

T is for Team Mate
I would say the best players I have played with are Nicky Barmby – he was unreal, very clever on the ball – and Giovanni who came to Hull but also played for Arsenal and Man City. I played with Jay Jay Okocha was well, who was obviously pretty good!

H is for Hull City
I came through the ranks at Hull City and it was a good place to learn the trade. They were all good coaches at the club under Billy Russell, they were strict and disciplined but also let you express yourself so it was a good schooling.

E is for Eating In
Since Lucy has been on maternity leave she’s been doing most of the cooking. We don’t really have set meals but we do eat a lot of pasta. If I’m cooking it’s likely to be Spaghetti Bolognese or a lasagne – I make a good lasagne!

R is for Roomie
I am in with Cass for away games at the moment. He’s a good room-mate – he makes a good cup of tea anyway! He’s quite chilled out to be honest but then at about 8.30pm we’ll usually get a knock on the door and it’ll be Scott Loach coming in for a wrestle!

S is for Saddlers
I had a good time with Walsall, it’s another good club. We played some nice football and maintained in League One but I felt like we maybe should have done better with some of the players we had that have gone on to better things like Jamie Patterson and Will Grigg.

T is for Trip Away
I would say my favourite place for a holiday is Dubai. I have just booked up to go back again in the summer. I have been a couple of times through football with Hull City but then also on holiday as well and it’s got the best of everything. And the weather is unreal!

O is for On The Road
At the minute I have got a Nissan Juke for the travelling. It’s great on fuel which is the important thing, I can put as many miles on it was I want!

N is for Netflix
I do love a TV series and the latest thing I watched on Netflix was First Team – that programme about Juventus. I like to watch the more real-life, documentary stuff than anything else. I do like Peaky Blinders as well.

E is for Education
I found out quite early on that I was getting a scholarship so maybe didn’t take school as seriously as I should have done. I didn’t mind maths, I was quite good at that. I think it helped that my maths teacher was a Hull City fan so we had something to relate to!

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