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Firsts And Lasts: Josh Hawkes

1 June 2018

Josh Hawkes Mark Fletcher (Shutter Press)
Pools midfielder Josh Hawkes

Young midfield star Josh Hawkes is next to be tested with our Firsts and Lasts questions – let’s see what we can find out about the teenager…


What was the name of your first pet?
I don’t think I’ve ever had a pet, we’ve never had a dog or anything in the house. I think I would quite like a dog though. 

What was your first car?
I’ve got a Golf Polo. Sorry, not a Golf Polo – a VW Polo! Haha! It’s alright, I’ve had it about a year and there have been no problems with it.

What was your first holiday abroad?
The first one I can remember was to Lanzarote when I was about six. There might have been a few before that but I can’t remember them. I nearly drowned in Lanzarote that year because I swam to the middle of the pool to get my ball and it got really deep – the lifeguard had to jump in and grab me! 

What was the first gig you went to see?
The very first one I went to was JLS. I went with my sister and my mam to see them in Manchester when I was about six. They were alright to be fair. 

What was the first match you went to see?
It was a Middlesbrough game against Arsenal – and Boro won 2-1. I seem to remember there was a penalty in the game and Stewart Downing scored but I was only really young at the time. 

What was the first football shirt you owned?
I can’t remember what team it was. Oh I know, it was a Porto shirt because my uncle had been on holiday in Portugal and came back with the full kit for me. I remember it was blue and I never took it off! 

Who was your first best friend?
It was probably a lad at school called Blake. I was round his house every weekend during primary school. I don’t speak to him as much these days because he’s moved away from home to go to university. 

When was the first time you realised you might turn pro?
I would say it was during the first year of my scholarship. I felt like I was doing alright and playing well. I can’t say I really thought about turning pro much until I was a scholar. 

What was your first match as a pro footballer?
It was the home game against Crewe Alexandra last season when Dave Jones put me on for my debut. I was only on the pitch for about 40 seconds right at the end but it was still a proud moment for me and my family. 

Who was your first football manager?
It was a guy called Peter Oldfield. He was manager of Whinney Banks who I played for when I was a kid from being about 6 through to 11. I learned loads from him over the years and he still keeps in touch now – he’s sent a few messages recently since I got in to the team. 


What was the last thing that made you laugh?
Probably a minute ago when I told you my car was a Polo Golf! It’s definitely a Polo, I have no idea why I tried to say it was a Golf! 

What did you do for your last birthday?
I didn’t do much really. I think I went out with my mam and sister for some food. We had a game so couldn’t really do a lot to celebrate. 

What is the last thing you ate?
I had some beans on toast this morning. That’s my standard breakfast really. I have beans with almost everything – I don’t like tomato sauce but I love beans! 

What is the last thing you drank?
It will have been a can of Red Bull I had this morning, just to give me an energy boost. 

Who is the last person you spoke to on the phone?
My sister last night. She was asking me to drop her off at her friend’s house so I did. She’s only 14 and she’s always going out somewhere so I am usually the taxi driver! 

What was the last football match you went to (where you weren’t playing)?
The last one I went to was at Middlesbrough when they played Leeds the other week. Patrick Bamford scored a hat-trick that night. I try to get along and watch Boro when I can. 

What is the last item of clothing you put on before a match?
I always put my socks on last. I never go out to warm-up in my socks, I always put them on when I come back in to the changing rooms before the game. That’s the only real superstition I have, I think. 

Who was the last person to text you?
I think it was my mam checking where I was last night! I was obviously dropping my sister off but then I went and stayed at my girlfriend’s house afterward. She sometimes need dropping off at work in the morning – I’m her taxi as well!

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