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Word Of Honour: A Three-Game Season

19 April 2017

Pools legend Brian Honour gives us his latest views ahead of the crucial season run-in.

First and foremost, it is what it is now. We can’t turn the clock back on what’s gone before to Craig Hignett leaving, Dave Jones coming in, Sam Collins leaving – we can’t change anything that has happened in the last eight or nine months.

It’s a three-game season now and there’s only one fool-proof way of making sure we stay in the League and that is to get out there and win the three games. It might not take that but that’s what we have to try and do.

I speak to a lot of Pools fans and I read a lot of the stuff that is posted on social media and the message boards too and I can see that people are fed up. There is a lot of anger flying about and everyone is talking about it – some people have written us off already. The good thing is, that it remains in our hands. And if the truth be known, that’s the best way for it to be and now we have three games that we have to go and try to win.

It doesn’t matter what has gone before at the moment. I know supporters are angry – they have every right and I understand those emotions. I spoke to one fan earlier this week who has been following the Club for 39 years and he told me that Leyton Orient was the worst he’d seen. Well, I have played in 10 of those 39 years and there were some bad performances among those so it must have been bad.

I think it’s been well-documented how visibly angry and passionate Jeff Stelling got during his show on Easter Monday as the goals went in. If anyone thought he was mad, they should have been round my house because I’ve had to replace the remote control because I threw it at the TV. Thankfully, it missed the TV and hit the unit!

I have watched the games from the press box and I can feel the tension and the anger. I never foresaw this kind of season coming again. In fact, if you’d told me in the summer that we would be in this position again then I would have thought you were mad because I genuinely thought we could be aiming much higher.

We can’t control anything else so whether it’s this weekend against Barnet, next weekend at Cheltenham or against Doncaster, get behind the players because we need you. I say that as a fan. I know the grievances people have but we can be the twelfth man for the final three games now and help the team get over the line. Then we can take stock again in the summer.

All Pools fans want is 100%. They can forgive a misplaced pass, if you give the ball away, miss a chance or let a goal in. They will get over all of that but they won’t forgive you if you don’t put a shift in. I know that and I’m not embarrassed to say that I think it was the reason I was popular with fans. I was never the best player in the world but I put in 100% every time I put the shirt on. If these fans see 11 lads in blue and white giving their all then they will back them.

I mean, I don’t want to tell Dave Jones or the players their jobs. But if I was out there this weekend just looking at the league table and how precarious it is would give me the motivation to go and perform and that’s what I am hoping we see this weekend and the next two weekends after that.

To the players I can only say run faster, jump higher, work harder. If you’re down in the dumps about anything Monday to Friday, try and forget it on Saturday and give us that little bit extra to get us over the line. Raise your game because the supporters have given this Club unbelievable backing, not just in recent weeks or times but for many, many years. We have to come together now and get the job done.

I know it sounds corny but when The Vic is rocking it can make the difference between winning and losing. I remember the Morecambe game a few years ago when Simon Walton got sent-off – the players didn’t get us out of that and across the line, it was the fans because the atmosphere was incredible. We need that again and we need it on Saturday. It has to be a joint thing for the last three games. Let’s get the points, get safe and then we can look to the future.

Some things are out of our control, but we can all turn up and shout, cheer and back the players and play a part in getting the results we need. Let’s be together.

Never Say Die.


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