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Ask A Silly Question: Billy Paynter

26 May 2016

The skipper takes his turn in the hotseat as we throw twenty ridiculous questions at him and see what he comes up with.

In this feature, Billy Paynter has picked 20 questions at random from our index of 100 so let's find out some more about the front man...

2 Do you play any other sports?
Yes, I play golf. I am not too bad actually but I’m a summer player – I don’t play in the cold. I just use it as an excuse to get out of the house really.

13 Which player has got the best car?
Me! I’ve got a Citroen Picasso! Ha. No, I would say Josh Nearney actually – he’s got a Mercedes CLA which was kindly paid for by his mum I think!

19 What’s the worst injury you’ve ever had?
I had a stress fracture to the shin which kept me out for about seven months. It happened when I went to Leeds after playing in the Play-Off Final season for Swindon – they said they would look after me but then in one of the first sessions of pre-season my shin gave way.

69 What’s your biggest fear?
The ocean. You don’t know what’s underneath do you? One time on holiday I had a few too many Pina Coladas and I decided to take a kayak out – and I fell off! For some reason my brain started doing the Jaws theme so I was massively panicking so since then I’ve had a fear of the ocean.

72 In to which celebrity’s shoes would you like to step for a day?
Hugh Heffner. I like the robe he wears so I would have a go with that. And I would want to see if he gets headaches.

43 Have you ever given blood?
Yeah, once or twice I have gone along and given blood but it’s not something I have ever done regularly.

28 Do you believe in magic?
I had to think about it but now. I just reckon it’s more to do with being quick-handed and an optical illusion rather than magic.

88 Would you rather meet Jeff Stelling or Chris Kamara?
That’s a tough one! They’re both funny, aren’t they? I guess now that I am a Poolie I will have to say Jeff Stelling. I’ve actually met him at our games against Fleetwood and Wycombe this season and he’s a really nice guy.

78 What’s your favourite condiment?
Chilli sauce. I like spicy food so I put hot sauce on anything I can.

26 What’s the most daring thing you’ve ever done?
I streaked at Cheltenham Races once! I went out with the team when I was at Swindon just before the play-offs and when the last race finished I got on the track with only my shoes on and did a Klinsmann dive over the finish line! I didn’t get caught either!

99 Would you rather be eaten by a lion or eaten by ants?
A lion. Ants would crawl all over you and take their time but a lion would probably do it one bite and take your head off wouldn’t it?!

100 Who’s the manager’s pet?
Woodsy. First thing after game he’s checking the fixtures and results and always says “hey, gaffer, have you seen this result?”. And the gaffer is probably thinking “I don’t need to know that”! Ha!

21 What would the title of your autobiography be?
I would go with Not Much Of An Artist – you know, because of the Paynter thing! Ha, I quite like that.

7 When was the last time you got angry?
I get angry a lot. I would say it was probably on Saturday at Yeovil when their centre-half started kicking me on the floor! For some reason the ref was happy for him to just get on with it!

77 Have you got any scars?
Yeah, I have plenty of scars. I fell over when I was a kid and gashed my knee so that’s probably my worst one. All the others are from scabs – I like to pick scabs and they leave scars so I have them all over.

55 What would be your perfect pizza?
Hmm. Well, first I would go for thin crust – that’s the healthy option. Then I would put spicy sausage on, chicken, Parma ham, pineapple (that’s one of my five a day!), some jalapenos, cheese obviously and then pepperoni.

15 If you could be any superhero which one would it be?
I love my superheroes. I do like to fly – if I could obviously! Haha! I haven’t got a secret ability! I like Hulk but I would probably go for Superman because he can fly and he’s pretty much indestructible.

44 Where would you take a first date?
I would take her to heaven and back!

68 Have you ever sung on a karaoke?
Haha, you know me – I’m not one for getting up. But I do blast a little number out every now and then – the last time was in front of the players at the start of the season when I did Robbie Williams’ Angels!

4 What is your speciality in the kitchen?
Chilli con carne. I think I’m quite a good cook. In fact, I am that good that it’s a rarity – I let my missus do most of the cooking and then when I do it it’s extra special! I’m good at Chilli Con Carne and Spaghetti Bolognese.

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