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Higgy's Tenerife Diary: Tuesday

12 July 2016

We get another update from Tenerife as Craig Hignett pens the second entry in his diary from the training camp in La Caleta.

Hello and welcome back to La Caleta in Tenerife for the second day of my diary from our training camp here.

It’s been excellent so far for everyone and we’re already getting through some really positive work, despite the fact that the temperature has been much higher today than it was on Monday.

We did some of the strength and conditioning work as planned on Monday afternoon. It was focused on the legs which is something that some of the players really like doing. To be honest, during the course of the season, sessions like that can be optional because some players feel they need to do leg work and others feel fatigued if they do too much. It’s a personal choice but since that session last night a few of the lads have said they really enjoyed it and want to do more.

This morning it became apparent very quickly that it was going to be very hot! We knew when we came here that would be the case though so it’s not particularly a surprise to anyone! Some of the players have struggled a little bit but the penny is starting to drop with them now that they need to eat a good breakfast and make sure they take plenty of water on board before, during and after training.

We had done combination play attacking-wise yesterday so today we brought the goals in and made it sharper and shorter, it worked very well. We touched on how to get in and the types of things that will get you a shot on goal in and around the box. I was really pleased with how it went.

The players have all looked very sharp, to be fair, and I think they have all enjoyed being out here in the warm weather. I used to love training and playing in weather like this when I was a player so I’m sure most of them are the same.

We are now in the middle of a little gap between training when the players will have lunch, rest and make sure they’ve had plenty to drink before we head back to the training ground at 4pm. This morning’s session was just over an hour and a half, and we’ll be out there for another hour and fifteen later on so it’s a lot of work for the lads and it’s hard to train for that long in a day so it will take stamina.

I do need to mention that we have a birthday in the group today with our Kit Man Martyn Brown celebrating, so we have made sure he’s well looked after. He’s done very little today apart from put his feet up – in fact, thinking about it, maybe yesterday was a warm-up for him for today! But happy 40th Martyn, you look well for it. Well, he’s only 34 actually but we’ll have a little toast to him later this evening.

Tomorrow the plan is to do an full 11 v 11 game at the training ground. We have touched on team shape this morning and we’ll do a bit more this afternoon but tomorrow I want to look at them in a full ninety minutes. There are things we want to work on because I want us to be flexible in the way we play during the season, not just rigid in our system and shape.

That’s all for today anyway, I’ll be back with another update for you around the same time on Wednesday.


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