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Faves And Fives: Ebby Nelson-Addy

29 May 2015

We find out a little more about Pools star Ebby Nelson-Addy as he shares his favourites and picks an all-star five-a-side team.


Favourite crisps?
I don’t really eat them but if I did I would go Ready Salted Walkers.

Favourite drink?
I love a fizzy drink called Rio – it’s tropical and so nice!

Favourite sandwich?
I like chicken and stuffing.

Favourite pizza?
Meat feast definitely, with a barbecue base.

Favourite footballer?
Messi is better but I love watching Ronaldo.

Favourite sport?
Football is my favourite, but I’m good at table tennis too!

Favourite song?
Right now me and Tish are listening to a song called Balenciaga which is by his friends.

Favourite band?
I will say Drake, he’s my favourite artist.

Favourite stadium?
I think the Emirates looks amazing.

Favourite film?
Man On Fire, I want to watch Fast And Furious 7 too.

Favourite TV series?
Me and Tish are watching Empire now. I like Homeland, Sons of Anarchy and Suits too.

We’ve asked Ebby to pick a five-a-side team including himself and four other players – one he’s played against, one he’s played with, one from history and one from the current day…

Fabian Delph
He’s sharp, good on the ball, he can run forward, he can tackle and he’s got a lot in his locker. I think he would definitely have an impact in my five-a-side team!

Paul Pogba
He was one of the best I have ever played against – it was in a Reserves game against Man United. He was so strong; he can run forward, tackle back and he was unbelievable in that game – we lost 3-1 and he played an hour before Sir Alex just shouted “well done Paul, that’s enough”. It was so easy.

Zinedine Zidane
He has such a great touch and technique didn’t he? He had great vision and the ability to turn and twist in to space with the ball. He has everything and he would be the leader in my five-a-side team I think too.

Cristiano Ronaldo
He can score goals with both feet and from anywhere so he gets in the team ahead of Messi – just! I like Messi but I will go with Ronaldo for his power and strength, and the fact he played in England and I saw him play a couple of times!

Ebby Nelson-Addy
In that team I would just get the ball and give it to them – they’re all a lot better than me! I would try and do a bit of dribbling around but I suppose playing in a team like that would make it easier too!

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