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Magic Eight Ball: Brad Walker

2 June 2015

The Pools midfielder tells us where he'd go in a time machine, what his worst habit is and what he would be doing if he wasn't a footballer.

This article was first published in the Club's Matchday Programme for our game against Tranmere Rovers in September 2014.


1 Where did you grow up?
Port Clarence. I don’t think it would be the best place to visit if you weren’t from there but I always found it alright!

2 What was your favourite television programme?
I’m not sure really. I used to enjoy watching Spongebob or that Zack and Cody programme – anything that was on Nickelodeon really!

3 If you could travel back in time, how far would you go?
I would probably go back to 1966 to enjoy the World Cup Final. I don’ think I am going to get the chance to see England lift it again in my lifetime so I think I would go back to that day definitely.

4 What is the earliest birthday you can remember?
I’m no good with my memory! I would say my 11th birthday I think – we went and hired a little pub with a play area in it and all my mates came. Actually, that may have been my 9th birthday.

5 What is the first FA Cup Final you can remember?
I can remember that West Ham v Liverpool one when Gerrard scored the two screamers in 2006. I don’t mention that to Marlon very often though…

6 Which footballer did you look up to as a kid?
Steven Gerrard. He was just a real idol for me when I was younger really. I also really liked David Beckham because of how he was with England.

7 When did you first play football in a team?
I was about 7 and I remember playing in a team at Billingham Forum – and I didn’t even know which way I was supposed to be shooting and had to ask someone! Haha!

8 What position did you play when you were younger?
Striker. I was always a striker when I was younger and then at Under 15 level I was used at centre-back for a while and then Graham Clark put me in midfield in the Under 16s. I think I scored about nine goals in the next three or four games and it’s gone from there really!


1 What is your favourite television show?
I don’t really watch any television if I am being honest. I genuinely don’t know how to answer – maybe The Inbetweeners? I quite like that.

2 Who is your favourite comedian?
Lee Evans, it’s got to be. I haven’t seen him live yet but I would really love to because I think he’s hilarious!

3 What kind of music do you like to listen to?
I like a bit of everything but I am mainly in to RnB really.

4 What mobile phone do you have?
An iPhone 5s.

5 Do you have any annoying habits?
Not that I know of! Actually, I get in to trouble quite a lot for biting my nails – my mam absolutely hates it when she spots me doing that!

6 Which current footballers do you admire?
I love watching Lee Cattermole, just because of the way he goes about games and the desire he has. I also like Ross Barkley too, he’s going to be a top player for a long time isn’t he?

7 Do you have any pre-match superstitions?
Not really, apart from I always have to have a bottle of coconut water before a game. I have been doing that ever since I got in the side really because in the first few games I got cramp and it got recommended to me to help with that.

8 What is the best thing about being a footballer?
Just waking up every morning and knowing that you get to go training and do something that you love as your job.


1 What invention would you like to see happen during your lifetime?
I know other people have said it but I think a cure for cancer is the main invention that everyone would like to see so hopefully that can happen soon.

2 If you could travel in to the future, how far would you go?
I think I would go forward twenty years or so. It would be great to see how my future ended up, and I’d also like to see how much more technology has advance because it’s taking over the world!

3 Could you see yourself moving abroad in the future?
Yeah, I think I could. I would like to move away somewhere when I am retired with a villa and where I can just totally relax!

4 What would you like to have achieved by your next birthday?
It’s in April, so hopefully by then I would love to see us well away from the relegation zone. On a personal note, I would definitely like to have scored plenty more goals.

5 Do you think you’ll ever see England lift the World Cup?
Not unless we get that time machine built, haha! I can’t see it in my lifetime really – I just don’t think we have the same level of talent coming through as other countries like Italy, Spain, Holland and Germany.

6 Which player in the Pools squad do you think could be a manager in the future?
Tommy Miller. I think he wants to be a manager one day and I reckon he’s got everything you would need to do a decent job too.

7 What other career could you see yourself doing if you weren’t a footballer?
Brick-laying. I did an exam in school about construction and passed it. I remember my teacher loved me because I was good at it so I think I would have done something along those lines.

8 What would you like to do when you retire from playing?
I would like to be a coach one day. I don’t think I fancy being a manager but I would definitely like to get involved in coaching and helping young players coming through.

Extra Time

1 Beer or wine?

2 Indian or Chinese?

3 Coronation Street or Eastenders?
Coronation Street

4 Text or talk?

5 Lineker or Chiles?

6 Sky Sports or Sky Movies?
Sky Sports

7 The Apprentice or Big Brother?
Big Brother

8 Laugh it off or sulk for weeks?
Laugh it off

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