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FFD Futsal 5-a-side League

12 February 2015

HUCSF supports new Female Football Development Futsal 5-a-side League

Six teams have joined the FFD Futsal 5-a-side League; Norton, Middlesbrough, Hartlepool Sixth Form College, and Seaton Carew A team and B team and the FFD team which is made up of women and girls aged 16yrs + who have attended FFD sessions. 

The Futsal League plays each Tuesday night between 6-9pm at the Hartlepool Sixth Form College. 

The winner of the League qualifies to take part in the Regional Qualifier at Leeds Futsal Arena. 

The top teams from the Regional Qualifiers then progress through to the FA Futsal Cup National Finals at the Olympic Stadium in London.

 Norton and Stockton Ancients represented the area in the finals last year and despite only being new to Futsal, managed to finish runners up. 

HUCSF and FFD coach Vicki Hutchinson played in the Norton team last year and has been instrumental in encouraging more girls from the FFD sessions to compete and play in the Futsal League.

FFD Case Study

Name: Jodie McDonough

Question 1: When did you start playing football for a team and what made you join?
I played in primary school for a couple of years until I became injured and unable to play for the rest of my time there. I restarted playing at the end of Year 10 when Hartlepool United came into my school and started doing some sessions. When I went to these sessions it relit my passion for the game and gave me the confidence I needed to join Seaton Carew. I knew I could play football and I wasn’t doing anything about it, these sessions gave me the extra push I needed to get back into football.

Question 2: How did you hear about Seaton Carew?
I heard from my friend at school who already played at Seaton and said its good football and fun as well.

Question 3: When you were asked to join the ladies team, how did you feel?
At first, I was worried because I didn’t think I was good enough to play for them because they had some really good players. When I look back on it now though, I’m glad I started to play for them because I feel a lot more confident and comfortable around them. I even get to start a lot of the matches and have started scoring goals for them!

Question 4: When you were asked to represent the Hartlepool FFD Futsal team, how did you feel?
I was petrified! I have never played futsal and wasn’t sure on the rules or how to play it or anything! But when I got there and found out that even some of the other teams weren’t sure on the rules it made me feel more at ease and more comfortable with my surroundings. I really enjoy playing futsal and can see that my team is improving every week.

Question 5: If you could give someone on advice on why they should get back into football, what would it be?
I would tell them to give it a try, football is a great sport and you meet lots of new people and make some great new friends too! Through starting the sessions at the end of year 10 I’m now playing for 2 teams and a futsal team and have gained a lot more confidence and even have the opportunity to go into coaching and officiating. If it wasn’t for the FFD sessions ran by Keith last year it’s more than likely that I wouldn’t have started playing again. It’s opened up a world of opportunities to me.

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