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All I Want For Christmas...

23 December 2015

It’s the time of year when people are finalising their Christmas wish lists for Santa so we’ve been finding out what the players and staff are hoping for this festive period.

Carl Magnay
I’ve actually been asking for a telescope this year because I am really interested in Astronomy and all that kind of thing. I would like to learn more so it would be great to have a telescope for any meteorite showers and things like that. I think it would be a brilliant present.

Scott Fenwick
I am looking to get some new wireless headphones ideally. I’ve seen the ones I want but they are quite expensive because they block out everything around you! But the wireless thing would be good for on the bus when they’re connected to a laptop or something because people don’t trip over the wires all the time!

Billy Paynter
To be honest, I don’t mind what I get for myself. Every year I just look forward to having a lovely family Christmas and spending time with everyone. Seeing the smiles on my kids’ faces is all I really want I would say!

Jordan Richards
I really want tickets to see Justin Bieber. I know that they will sell out really quickly but I would love to go and see him so I am crossing my fingers that’s what I find when I wake up on Christmas morning!

Rhys Oates
I could do with sprucing up my wardrobe a bit so I would like some new clothes really. I’ve not really given it too much thought but I think a few new things to wear would be great.

Scott Harrison
I keep asking my girlfriend to buy me this game called Farming Simulator but she’s refusing because she says it’s stupid! You are a farmer in the game and have to look after the fields and cattle – I think it sounds great but she’s not having it so don’t know if she will buy it for me!

Trevor Carson
I know everyone probably says it but the three points on Boxing Day would make it a great Christmas for me really.

Kudus Oyenuga
I’ve not given it a lot of thought but I would love a really nice Red Velvet cake – I love that so that would be a good gift. And other than that, I would just like good health really.

Jake Carroll
I think the standard items I request for Christmas are a tracksuit and some new aftershave. I am not sure what type of aftershave I really want – anything that attracts the women really. Haha!

Rakish Bingham
I would really like a new laptop for Christmas this year. I am not really too fussy about what kind to be honest, I just want one that I can play Football Manager on when I go on the away trips! That’s the only requirement!

Matthew Bates
Well, I am just coming to the end of my bottle of Creed Aventus aftershave. My mam gets me a bottle of that every Christmas and it’s lasted the whole year so it’s quite expensive but worth it because it lasts ages!

Michael Woods
Can somebody buy me some hair dye for Christmas please? Haha! I’m allowed to ask for that aren’t I?

Nicky Featherstone
I am hoping to get a beard trimmer for Christmas this year. I think I am going to keep the beard for the foreseeable future but I reckon it could do with tidying up a little bit so hopefully I can get one of those this Christmas.

Josh Nearney
I would like my car back if possible!! I crashed it a few weeks ago but I have been told by the garage that I should have it back before Christmas so I am crossing my fingers for that – that will do me as a gift this year!

Ronnie Moore
Well, three points is the standard answer I bet, is it? If Santa could help me out in the January Transfer Window with a few bargains then that wouldn’t go amiss either! I usually get quite a few new clothes for Christmas, so I think that will be the same again this year.

Sam Collins
I have been dropping a few hints about getting one of those Apple Watches. I have had my eye on one for a while so hopefully Santa will have picked up on my hints and I will get one of those on Christmas morning this year! Fingers crossed!

Ian Gallagher
Well, as the physio I just want a clean bill of health for all the players really! If I could have a fully-fit squad and nobody injured then I can put my feet up and have a glass of wine over Christmas, can’t i?

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