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Fans Warned Not To Use Pyrotechnics

13 August 2015

The Club would like to remind supporters of the dangers of pyrotechnics.

Hartlepool United would like to remind all supporters that the use or possession of pyrotechnics, such as flares and smoke bombs, in or near to any football ground is a criminal offence. 

The use of such devices can cause injuries such as burns and breathing difficulties, as well as creating situations of alarm within football stadia. 

Pyrotechnics contain dangerous toxins that can make it difficult for people to breath, whilst also being hard to extinguish.

The use of such items are a major health and safety risk and Hartlepool United would ask all supporters to respect the banning of pyrotechnics from the ground.

Pyrotechnics – The Facts:

• The suffocating smoke from flares and smoke bombs can leave supporters fighting for breath
• A burning flare can reach the temperature of 1600°C — extreme enough to melt most metal
• Bringing flares or smoke bombs to a game could get you a criminal record and a ban
• Smoke from pyros could stop you seeing the best goal your team will ever score
• Smoke billowing across the pitch can affect the play — or even cause the game to be delayed
• Flares contain burning metals so any injury caused by them is likely to be extreme
• Flares and smoke bombs can trigger panic in a tightly packed crowd
• Flares and smoke bombs are still hot enough to injure and start fires long after they have gone out. full information on the dangers of pyrotechnics, visit

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