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Draw A Team Mate: James Poole

5 June 2014

Next up in our summer series we give the pen and paper to James Poole and demand that he draw us one of his team mates!

So James Poole is more than capable of scoring spectacular goals and gliding past players with skill – but how does he cope when we throw him a pen and paper and ask him to draw a team mate?

Well, we’re about to find out because this summer we’ve challenged several of the First Team squad to draw one of their colleagues and so far the results have been hilarious.

Previously we’ve seen the handiwork of Darren Holden, Sam Collins and Josh Rowbotham but today it’s front man Poole who is under pressure to display some artistic talent.

He took the job pretty seriously too and after a few false starts he came up with the drawing below – question is, do you know which of his Pools team mates he’s drawn?

Expert View
In order to fully critique the work on display from our players this summer we approached the Art Department at English Martyrs Sixth Form to get their expert eye on these silly scribbles.

So what do they make of James’ jotting?

“I love the caricature style of this one and the placing of objects to give clues as to his obvious Yorkshire roots!

“The artist has got the body in proportion very well and the head is also carefully drawn with most things in the right place!

“Clearly, the artist has given particular attention to the hair and facial hair too in what is a pretty impressive sketch for an amateur.”

#DrawATeamMate by using the hashtag @Official_HUFCSo, do you know who it is that James has attempted to draw? Have your guess now on our Twitter page

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