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Colin Cooper’s Spanish Diary: Day Two

8 July 2014

We get the latest views from Colin Cooper as the Pools boss makes another entry in his Spanish Diary here on the Official Website.

Tuesday 8th July 2014, 2.30pm

Hello and welcome to the second instalment of my diary feature from the Club’s training camp in Spain.

I have to say it’s been another pretty good day so far and we’ve got down to some real work following a long day on Monday with the travelling. We did a very light session on Monday evening just to get the legs going before giving the lads an early night.

This morning we were up bright and early though for a 4k run around the hills and dales (and there were plenty of those!) around the golf course here at La Cala. It was only twenty minutes but it was a little test for the lads and helped get them up and out of bed to get their legs going again before breakfast.

After eating we headed out to the training pitch for an hour and a quarter worth of football work. It has been quite a warm day so after that session the lads have gone back to their rooms to rest for three hours before we go out again at about 6pm for our final session of the day in which we’ll do some football and physical work.

I think the easy thing for me to say for the periods between training would be to take advantage of the lovely pool – and a few of the players have asked about using it. However, I understand that some players may want to use it for recovery but I’ve told them that I’ll only allow that in the evening when the sun has gone down because the sun saps energy and they’ll need every drop of that for the sessions on the training pitch.

When they get to the end of today they will have felt it because they will have had three good sessions but that’s what it’s all about – we have to cram as much in to every minute as we can because this is a very important and beneficial week.

Twice this week we will have triple session days and every other day will be either long single sessions or double workouts. We’ll obviously give them plenty of rest too, we won’t just be battering them from pillar to post but I would suggest that when we get back home on Sunday afternoon they’ll sleep pretty well!

Here in Spain we’re an hour ahead of UK time so tonight’s World Cup semi-final kicks-off at 10pm for us – which, if I’m being honest, hampers my plans for training in the morning. We’ve organised a room where can all watch the game together but if it goes to extra time and penalties it could mean staying up beyond midnight which isn’t ideal. But given that it’s the World Cup semi-final I might just put training back half an hour in the morning!

Having said that, on the back of the work they will have done during today and what we’ve been asking of them physically and technically, I think after dinner today there may be a few nodding off in their armchairs during the football! That wouldn’t disappoint me really, just re-assure me that we’re doing the work we need to do.

That’s all for today but keep logging on to the Official Website for my regular updates from our training camp in Spain.


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