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On The Podium: Antony Sweeney

26 March 2013

The Pools midfielder on best and worst dressed in the squad and the perils of dealing with red-hot chillies...

We bring you another On The Podium instalment and this time it's Antony Sweeney who is in the hotseat. 

The Olympic-themed feature which has proved popular with reader of our Matchday Programme sees us fire an increasingly random selection of questions at the players and see if they can give us interesting answers. 

This article was first published in the issue of Never Say Die produced for our game with Doncaster Rovers in October. 

The Road Race 

5 Which away ground don't you like going to? 
"Take your pick! No, probably Scunthorpe. I know we won there recently but it's just one of those grounds and I'm picking it purely based on results. We even got spanked 4-0 there the day we got promotion in 2003 - I remember I was there with the First Team that afternoon." 

4 Which away game do you enjoy the most? 
"To be fair, St Mary's when we played Southampton was unbelievable. We've never won there either but the facilities and atmosphere is incredible, a lovely new stadium." 

7 Who do you travel to training with? 
"Peter Hartley. He's just got a new car as well so we drive in comfort as well!" 

9 Are you a calm or angry driver? 
"I'd say I'm quite calm but the other lads say I get a bit angry. I've never had any road rage really, I don't swear at anyone or anything - I just moan to whoever is in the car with me at the time!" 

1 Where is the best place you've visited in Britain? 
"I'm going to say London, it's a different world to the areas we normally go to. It just doesn't stop - you can be going home from a night out and see people out shopping! I love it for a trip but I don't think I'd like to live there." 

The Dressage 

4 What's your most expensive item of clothing? 
"I've just got some new jeans that cost me a bit more than I would normally pay. I was running low so I thought I'd treat myself. I'm not massively in to designer gear or anything, if it looks ok and it's not too expensive it will do for me." 

2 Who has the best clobber in the squad? 
"Jordan Richards loves his gear. He's got to have a label on it and he goes a bit out there with really skinny jeans and crazy t-shirts. He pulls it off though, he's a good looking lad - and he'll love reading me saying that!" 

3 Who is the worst dressed in the squad? 
"I'm going to have to go on the evidence of Thursday when Nathan Luscombe showed up to training looking like Peter Pan. He had this t-shirt with cut-off sleeves, cut-off jeans and some high-top white boot things. He did look exactly like Peter Pan. He had no excuse the poor lad so he got hammered." 

9 What's the worst thing you've seen one of the lads wearing? 
"Humphs has got this mac jacket thing. He looks like Inspector Gadget when he wears it but he reckons it's been in GQ or something so it's an essential for any man!" 

10 Have you ever had a name other than your own on the back of a football shirt? 
"I don't think so. Well, one time we went on an end of season trip and we all had to buy Chelsea shirts because they were playing in a game. I got a fake one with 'Lampard' on the back but only paid about five euros. Our old Kit Man Peter Darke got me Didi Hamman's shirt too so I wear that at home sometimes." 

The Heptathlon 

5 How many tattoos have you got? 
"Zero. I always toy with the idea and have a look at them. I think if I was going to go for it I'd have to go the whole shebang and get a sleeve or something. I couldn't just get a single one." 

1 What cartoon do you still like to watch? 
"The little one is watching a lot of Jake And The Neverland Pirates recently and I've got in to that. I've even thought about searching for the coins." 

9 When you were younger how often did you get grounded? 
"Not very often. I remember once I got sent from from school and I had to give my mam and dad a letter. I couldn't go back to school until they'd read it so I got grounded that time!" 

7 How did you celebrate the Millennium? 
"Do you know what, I think we had a game or I had to report for a First Team fixture or something so I think it was just a quiet family affair." 

6 What's the worst physical pain you've ever been in? 
"To be fair, the other week I was cutting chillis and I managed to rub my eye and it was total agony! It was just a normal chilli but I was getting the seeds out got it in my eye - you can't do anything either, you just have to ride it out!" 

The 100 Metres 

1 X Factor or The Voice?
"X Factor."
2 Geordie Shore or The Only Way Is Essex?
"The Only Way Is Essex."
3 iPhone of Blackberry?
4 Left-handed or right-handed?
5 Savoury or Sweet?
6 Indian or Chinese?
7 Football Manager or Call Of Duty?
"Football Manager."
8 Batman or Superman?
9 Anchorman or Happy Gilmore?
10 Twitter or Facebook?

The National Anthem 

2 What was the first album you bought? 
"Queen Greatest Hits. I haven't got it at my house now but it will be kicking about somewhere in my mam and dad's house probably." 

7 Are you a good dancer? 
"No, terrible. When I have a couple of drinks I try to but not very often!" 

10 If we broke in to you car what music would we find? 
"I don't think there is any CDs in there at all. I'm normally just listening to the radio or I connect my iPod." 

6 Are you a good singer? 
"No, I don't think anyone has ever really heard me sing. I've not been on a karaoke or anything, I just steer clear." 

8 Who's your favourite band? 
"I'm going to go with Oasis. I went to see them at the City of Manchester Stadium a few years ago and it was brilliant."

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