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On The Podium: Evan Horwood

4 February 2013

We bring you another instalment of our popular feature On The Podium taken from our Matchday Programme.

The Olympic-themed feature sees us fire an increasingly random selection of questions at the players and see if they can make us laugh.

This one was with Evan Horwood and was published in the Programme for our game against Carlisle United back in September 2012.

The Road Race 

5 Which away ground don't you like going to? 
"Bury isn't the best. It's a really small dressing there and it's quite old - and the pitch is big there too. So yeah, I'll say Bury!" 

1 Where is the best place you've visited in Britain? 
"There was a hotel I went to in the Lakes - it was near Lake Windermere and we booked it on a special offer but I think they'd put the price in wrong! It was meant to be £400 or something and we got it for £100, it was dead posh and everything around the place was beautiful." 

3 Who do you room with at away games? 
"Muzza (Paul Murray) and it's a nightmare, he just doesn't miss a trick. You need to do everything right or else he'll pick you up on it. If you leave things lying around he's straight on at you; I just ignore him now and put my headphones on! And he always nicks my iPad - I tell him he should put his hand in his pocket if he wants one!" 

9 Are you a calm or angry driver? 
"I'm not calm! I get really angry and could scream inside sometimes but I never really shout - I prefer to use my horn!" 

2 What do you do to pass time on away trips on the bus? 
"I try and wind Muzza up most of the time! I'll usually just have a chat to the lads really, that's about it." 

The Dressage 

2 Who has the best clobber in the squad? 
"I'll say Jack Baldwin - but only because he's stood next to me and even though I don't actually think he has! I think a lot of the players try hard - Colin Nish and his Nike Air Max go down a treat with everyone!" 

4 What's your most expensive item of clothing? 
"I would never go over £100 on anything I don't think so that would be about the figure and it's probably a pair of jeans." 

5 Do you prefer trainers or shoes? 
"Trainers. I really like my trainers, I have quite a few pairs." 

3 Who is the worst dressed in the squad? 
"Probably Scott Flinders, he's got some shocking gear. He's got this pair of trainers that look like he should have come on a skateboard!" 

8 Would you wear jeans or trousers on a night out? 
"Jeans. I'd only really ever wear trousers with a suit." 

The Heptathlon 

9 When you were younger how often did you get grounded? 
"I was always grounded! I was a bit of a naughty kid to be honest, I wasn't the best. I would be messing about all the time really. I remember one time my dad picked me up from school and told me he wasn't going to take me back because I was spoiling it for everyone else!" 

2 What food would you starve without? 
"I do like my food, so I would say fish and chips. I like to have some every now and then and there is plenty of choice around Hartlepool!" 

6 What's the worst physical pain you've ever been in? 
"I broke my leg when I was a kid. I did the splits in the dressing room and some lads landed on me; I was only eight at the time. More recently, I had a filling come out when I was on holiday last summer and that was agony!" 

8 Would you sell one of your kidneys? 
 "Do you need both of your kidneys? The way my bank account is at the moment I probably would, yeah!" 

5 How many tattoos have you got? 
"I don't have any tattoos. I do like them but wouldn't want one myself, I wouldn't know what to get." 

The 100 Metres 

1 X Factor or The Voice? 
"X Factor." 

2 Geordie Shore or The Only Way Is Essex? 
"The Only Way Is Essex." 

3 iPhone or Blackberry? 

4 Left-handed or right-handed? 

5 Savoury or sweet? 

6 Indian or Chinese? 

7 Football Manager or Call Of Duty? 

8 Batman or Superman? 

9 Anchorman or Happy Gilmore? 
"Happy Gilmore." 

10 Twitter or Facebook? 

The National Anthem 

4 What is the best gig you've ever been to? 
"I went to see Stone Roses at Heaton Park during the summer, and that was really good. I don't get to as many gigs as I should really, I'd like to go to more." 

5 Do you play a musical instrument? 
"I don't, no. I don't think I really have the patience, though I do like people who can play the guitar." 

6 Are you a good singer? 

7 Are you a good dancer? 
"After a few drinks I'm pretty good! But then just about anything can happen after a drink!" 

8 Who's your favourite band? 
"Well I like Stone Roses a lot but I went to see a band called Cassidy with Jack Baldwin recently and they were really good too." 

10 If we broke in to your car what music would we find? 
"My car is full of random stuff. There'll be some Stone Roses, Beady Eye, Justin Bieber! I don't really know where they all come from, but it's random!"

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