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From The Hart: Pools' Deer Drama

18 October 2012

Peter Hartley pens his latest Blog including his views on recent form, the Crawley game and the team coach's run-in with a deer!

Hello and welcome to my latest Blog here on the Official Website. We are all disappointed with the way things are going at the moment, but what's happened has happened and we now have a big game to look forward to this weekend. 

You never get too high when you win and you never get too low when you lose because you know there is another game around the corner and on Saturday it's a big one so we're looking forward to it. 

We need the win on Saturday and we're more than capable of winning. We've got a good team here and I think we have played very well at times on home soil this season so I think it's about time we started turning those performances in to victories. 

I've had sleepless nights thinking about the way things are going and I've wracked my brain trying to work out what I can do better because that's the only thing I can affect. 

But we have to all stay focused - we're more than capable of beating Crawley and there's no reason why we can't go and do it. It's massively important that we all stick together. 

The fans have been great this season and even the other night after the game they stayed and clapped us off the pitch which was excellent considering the performance we put in. 

It is getting frustrating for all of us coming away from these away games because we're not picking up points. You can see that frustration in everyone when we're travelling home because we all want to do well but it's just not happening for us at the moment. 

But it's only the players that can put things right and the team who are picked this weekend have to try and go out there and put things right. That eleven have to be men, be nasty, be ruthless and go out and get the three points. 

There was a moment of drama on the way home on Tuesday actually when the team coach hit a deer that had come on to the motorway! I was asleep at the time but I did hear a bang - but I just went back to sleep because I thought the driver Shaun was just taking us on one of his crazy journeys again. 

It was only when we got back to the ground that I realised how serious the incident was and what damage it had caused to the bus - it was unbelievable! I heard the thud but I think Shaun did well to keep us going straight because there was a lorry on the inside of us at the time so it could have been dangerous! 

Well done, Shauny!!

Anyway, that's your lot for now but remember if you have any questions for me then email them to and I'll try to answer them in my next Blog. 


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