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Golden Games

Last year, HUCSF were fortunate to receive funding from the County Durham Community Foundation to run our Golden Games project aimed at enriching later life.

During the length of the project we worked with 155 older men and women (50+) in a variety of activities including yoga, strength and balance sessions, social hubs, chair exercises, Latin in line dancing and walking rugby and we were overwhelmed with the response.

We found that the funding has made a huge impact on the beneficiaries both physically and socially and received exceptional feedback from both participants and instructors at the end of the project.

We really wanted to instil an enjoyment in activity and introduce participants to activities which they would not otherwise had tried. There is a huge amount in the press at present regarding loneliness in our target age group and this is something that we really wanted to help with.

Phyllis Jenkins (age 63) said: As a complete non-dancer prior to these activities I have learned a lot and enjoyed meeting people. The Golden Games strategy is excellent all round! I really hope it can continue please.

We asked participants in what ways they felt they had benefitted from the Golden Games and 79% of those surveyed noted improved fitness and 63% an increase in their exercise levels in general. In addition there were further benefits:

27% increased confidence
58% increased strength
95% increased agility
42% improved mood
32% new skills
37% new friends
16% loss of weight

Having seen how successful the project was and how much the participants had benefitted we really wanted to continue on with the work we had achieved.

With this in mind, we approached The National League Trust to request further funding and are delighted to confirm that this has been approved.

The National League Trust is a partnership between the National League, the Premier League and the Professional Footballers’ Association.

The Premier League and the PFA have committed to support the Trust until 2019. They will each contribute to a donation of £1.2m a year over this period. This allows the Trust to help National League member clubs develop their community programmes.

Over the next few weeks we will be confirming details for new activities including quiz nights, walking football, dancing, and much more. For more information contact Sarah on 01429 862595 or email

The National League Trust is also currently supporting our Kicks project which is aimed at reducing anti-social behaviour in young people.

On Tuesdays and Fridays we run free “turn up and play” sessions at Brierton Sports Centre.

11-15 year olds                 5:00pm-6:30pm
16-24 year olds                 6:30pm-8:00pm