Pools Goldline Results

Our brilliant Pools Goldline Lottery allows fans to support Youth Development at the Club, while also giving themselves a chance to win one of 25 weekly prizes!

Take a look at our latest weekly results to see the list of winners.

Week 26: 15th September BOLTON_Results_26

Week 27: 2nd October BOLTON_Results_27

Week 28: 9th OctoberBOLTON_Results_28

Week 29: 16th October BOLTON_Results_29

Week 30: 23rd October BOLTON_Results_30

Week 31: 30th October BOLTON_Results_31

Week 32: 6th November BOLTON_Results_32

Week 33: 13th November BOLTON_Results_33

Week 34: 20th November BOLTON_Results_34

Week 35: 27th November BOLTON_Results_35

Week 36: 4th December BOLTON_Results_36 

Week 37: 11th December BOLTON_Results_37

Week 38: 18th December BOLTON_Results_38

Week 39: 25th December BOLTON_Results_39

Week 40: 31st December BOLTON_Results_40

Week 41: 6th January 2021 BOLTON_Results_41

Week 42: 13th January BOLTON_Results_42

Week 43: 22nd January BOLTON_Results_43

Week 44: 29th January BOLTON_Results_44

Week 45: 5th February BOLTON_Results_45

Week 46: 12th February BOLTON_Results_46

Week 48: 26th February BOLTON_Results_48 

Week 49: 5th March BOLTON_Results_49

Week 50: 12th March BOLTON_Results_50

Week 51: 19th March BOLTON_Results_51

Week 52: 26th March BOLTON_Results_52

Week 1: 1st April BOLTON_Results_01

Week 2: 9th April BOLTON_Results_02

Week 3: 16th April BOLTON_Results_03

Week 4: 23rd April BOLTON_Results_04

Week 5: 30th April BOLTON_Results_05

Week 6: 7th May BOLTON_Results_06