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Pools Goldline Lottery

Sign up for our weekly prize draw today!

Pools brilliant Goldline Lottery scheme has been in operation since the summer of 2012 and during that time we have handed out big prizes to many of our members.

Membership in to Pools Goldline costs just £1 per week – with 70% of that payment going directly to the Club’s Youth Development Fund.

Daily draws take place giving members the chance to scoop a £500 cash prize, with a weekly draw also conducted for a bumper jackpot of up to £5,000!

Having joined forces with Bolton Wanderers in the Goldline Lottery we can ensure big cash prizes are dished out but the Club also wins too - with big donations to the Club's Youth Development Programme.

For your £1 per week you will be given a set of numbers which will be entered into the "Pools Goldline Lottery" and you will have the chance to win £500 every weekday.

In addition, you will be allocated a set of 4 numbers which will be entered into the rollover draw every week, a weekly prize of £250 is rolled over until won, up to a maximum of £5,000.

Contact Emma Wilkinson on 01429 272584 (option 9) or email for more details or to sign up to Pools Goldline now.

Click here to download a Pools Goldline Application Form