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Goldline Lottery



As you may be aware a few years ago Hartlepool United FC joined forces with Bolton Wanderers Football Club as a Goldline lottery partner and throughout that time we have had great success with both our members winning prizes and raising monies for the Club.

We are asking for supporters, family and friends to become Goldline members which will provide the club with a valuable source of income which will help us to achieve a bright future for the players, staff and supporters of the club.

In addition, you will have the chance to win up to £1000 weekly, so we could all be winners!

As a lottery partner, Hartlepool United FC receives 70p of your £1 weekly subscription.

Therefore, if we could get 100 members that’s £70 per week or £3640 per year which would be fantastic for us!

As a Goldline member you will receive your membership card which includes your membership number, 10 sets of Goldline draw numbers.

Your 10 sets of Goldline draw numbers will be entered into the Goldline draw every week for your chance of winning.

1x £1000, 2 x £100, 2 X £50 and 20 X £25 every week!

That’s a £1800 prize pot 52 weeks of the year!

Goldline pays out over £93,600 in prizes every year to members.

No claim necessary. Prizes will be sent automatically by post and winners will be notified directly by Bolton Wanderers.

Email for more info and to take part.

Licenced by the Gambling Commission 0L- 005176

Promoter – Bolton Wanderers Development Association (Chorley) Ltd