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Supporters' Trust

Following the Open Members meeting on the 25th May, the Hartlepool United Supporters Trust (H.U.S.T) has this week hit 750 Members, yet another important milestone in the Trust’s aim to achieve 1000 members by the end of 2017.
The meeting was well attended, with almost 250 Poolies packed into the Corporation Club in Whitby Street. The Trust presented an informative and entertaining Update of Events, and that was followed by a Q & A with Pools CEO Pam Duxbury who answered fans questions openly and honestly, despite being put “On-The -Spot” in a live situation, which the HUST board are extremely grateful for. 
The night ended with Trust spokesman Phil Dunn issuing a rallying call to Supporters to buy their Season Tickets and to continue to support the Club financially.
“It’s all about moving forward together now. Pam has given The Trust her word, and we believe that she is genuinely aiming for a United Club.
"I’m certain that Supporters will get behind her efforts and the reaction on Social Media to the night has been incredibly positive.
"People can see she is trying to pull the current situation around, and the best thing we can do is get behind the Club. A lot of Poolies were reassured after Pam’s words and now is the time to back that up by buying Season Tickets.
“The Trust Board are delighted to say that we have now opened a meaningful dialogue with Pam and the board of HUFC, and feel sure that the Club, and the Trust, are moving forward together in the right direction.”
The Trust have quite a few events planned for the near future, including a Supporters Trust Football Tournament in July, and the launch of the HUFC/HUST Former Players Association later in the year.