Supporter’s Trust

HUST is a volunteer run organisation with the aim to increase the influence and involvement of fans in the future of our fantastic club and is committed to the long-term sustainability and success of HUFC.  Affiliated with the Football Supporters’ Association (FSA) and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority HUST serves to represent fans views with the management of HUFC, while looking to develop a constructive relationship with the owners for mutual benefit of club and fans.

Supporters’ Trusts across the country are very diverse, including Trusts who own their clubs, who own shares of their clubs, who have Board level representation, or who simply engage with their clubs via structured dialogue.  As Hartlepool United’s Supporters’ Trust HUST seeks to increase the input of Hartlepool United fans through engagement with our owners, and as a registered Community Benefit Society (No. 7159) it offers the potential for community share issue for a fans’ collective to make a genuine investment in support of the owners.

Hartlepool United experienced a very near miss in 2018 and one aim of HUST is to ensure the fans are in a stronger and more organised position to respond in future should anything unexpected happen again at any future time.  Ultimately, we wish to promote the accountable, democratic and constructive involvement of supporters in the running and direction of the Club, including backing the principle of supporter representation on the Club’s Board.

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