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Friends Of HUFC 1908

Formed in May 2016, Friends of HUFC 1908 has the intention of raising funds to help do jobs in and around the ground and to bring income into the Club through organised events.

The objective of the group is to raise funds to do projects at Victoria Park for betterment of the fans and club. As a result, we have had fans working at the ground since back end of the 2016/17 season - all volunteers to help the Club.

Through our fund-raising events, we use the Club facilities to help generate funding through bar takings. So far we’ve held a talk-in with Rob McKinnon and Brian Honour, while we also organised a Billy West gig that helped to fund projects within the ground.

We have two more nights in the pipeline, one on 11th August in the Centenary Bar and another in October/ November, at which former management team of Alan Murray and Eddie Kyle will be doing a talk-in to raise more funds for the Club.

Along with us helping at the ground, we have helped delivery of Season Ticket renewal packs, with around a dozen volunteers pitching in.

We have also had a fan from down south donate paint, paint brushes, rollers and other equipment which has been used at the ground this summer.

There are plenty of other projects in the pipeline so keep your eyes peeled for details as we continue in our bid to help the Club in any way we can.